Hello from Centennial, CO

Hello from Centennial, CO

Drafted: Thursday – November 17, 2022  (First post of this travelogue)

Scheduled posting:  November 24, 2022.  Note, for some reason this travelogue did not get posted.  I am posting it on 3/15 but will change the date on the post software to make it appear that I posted it on time {grin}.

I am in Centennial, CO teaching two different two-day classes.  The first class is Bearings and Lubrication and it is a lecture only class.  The second class is Shaft Alignment.  That is a combination lecture and hands-on lab exercises.

When the class is held in Denver it is the best of all worlds in that I don’t have to fly to a destination, yet they approve a motel room (Staybridge Suites) and it is a very short drive to the office each day.

There were four students in the Bearings and Lubrication class.  The were all from the same company in Virginia (a ship building facility for the Navy) and they were all engineers.  It was both a fun and challenging class.  At least one of the students tried to second guess many of the discussions.  Still, they were great students and participated heavily.

That is all for this travelogue.

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