Monthly Archives: December 2009

Computer Woes!!!!

Computer Woes!!!! Tuesday 12/15/09 was a **HORRENDOUS** computer day First, we encountered problems with our internet connection. We use Hughes Net via satellite at both the house and in the bus. It is generally pretty reliable unless we get a … Continue reading

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Continued Cold!!!

Continued Cold!!! This morning (12/9/09) they were reporting 16 degrees *BELOW* zero at the airport (official site for Denver) with a wild chill of – 36 degrees. Our thermometer read -10 degrees. Looking at the weather map, lots of areas … Continue reading

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Global Warming?

Global Warming? OK folks, I don’t mean this to be a political rant. However, I will make a couple of statements and then drop it. First, I REALLY don’t like Al Gore and his approach to a lot of things … Continue reading

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