Hello from Corning, IA

Hello from Corning, IA

Drafted:  Friday Morning  – October 7, 2021   (First post of this travelogue)

Posted 10/16 with significant updates since the original draft.

We are currently camped at Lake Icaria which is just north of Corning (Google Map)

{google_map}41.04577, -94.742819{/google_map}

We traveled here to attend a “Cousin’s Reunion”.  We attended a similar event last year.

We left Evergreen around noon Wednesday  (9/28) and traveled to a campground in Fort Morgan, CO.  We were scheduled to meet Pat’s brother, Jeff and his wife Julie.  However, Julie thought she might be called up for the Hurricane Ian evacuation, so they traveled further in order to get to Corning a day early.

From Fort Morgan, we traveled to Kearney, NE (Kearney RV Park & Campground) and stayed in the same campground that we did last year.  On Friday we arrived at the campground in Corning – a beautiful campground with winter rates of $20 per day!

The three legs of this trip (Evergreen/Fort Morgan/Kearney/Corning) were uneventful.  We held our speed to around 68 MPH which is a good comfortable speed.  Our mileage is not outstanding (about 10 MPG) but that goes with the trailer towing and significant wind events.

The reunion was great.  Over a several-day period, we got to see most of the cousins/relatives.

Update:  10/16/2022

On our second day out, our inverter started acting strange.  I did some work arounds, but in the end it died along with our 120V service.  We ended up having to string a cord through the window and plug it in to a power strip so that we would have some AC power (the DC hung in there as it does not go through the inverter).  We made it, but all the 120 V devices were dead (because of no 120V) towards the end of the trip.

Then, on 10/3 we took Pat to the Urgent Care unit of the hospital in Creston, IA for bladder discomfort.  The following night she had terrible pain in her side and I took her to the Corning, IA emergency room.  They admitted her and diagnosed her with a 7mm kidney stone.  The follow day they transported her via ambulance to Memorial Hospital in Omaha where she had surgery later that day.  I drove her back to the campground the next day and we stayed for a couple of additional days while she recovered.

We started home on Sunday (10/9) and arrived home Monday evening.  Pat has had some blood in her urine, but they think that might have been from traveling in the less than smooth riding truck on some horrible stretches on the interstate.

That is all for this trip


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