6/2/2023 Editorial Comment.  Several pages of this site are not working.  The problem is a database linking issue that has been a challenge (and continues to be).

Update 7/4/2023:  Finally got a chance to work on problem and got several links working.  Unfortunately, some of the pages are from an old website and the blog is still not working.

Update 8/4/2023:  After a ton of database work and setting up a new WordPress site, I finally have the travelogue working.  Still have to update some pages, but that should not be a huge effort.

This website was originally my consulting business website.  I have maintained the ownership of the Beltguy domain since July of 2000, and now use it as a link page for various sites that I maintain.  My consulting website has been changed as noted below.

Where did the name beltguy come from?  When I worked for The Gates Rubber Company, I hosted a customer question and answer site under the name “beltguy”.  After I retired, I obtained that domain name and used it for several years. 

My consulting website is now:  bindermc.com

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Jim Shepherd