Jim’s Projects


Please note that several of my project pages were constructed several years ago and kind of funky in format.  Perhaps I will update the format someday, but they still convey the project details.



Well, if you made it this far, you know that I am infamous for taking other people’s junk and attempting to make a fun project out of it.  I really enjoy these projects and swear that they help me keep my head on straight—don’t ask what others think about my sanity!


The garage.  This was a major project for most of ‘99 and ‘00.  Except for a few finishing details the garage is done.  I did most of the work on this project. 


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‘56 Chevy.  First finished in ‘87.  It has been to many eastern car events and has over 45,000 miles. It is still my daily driver in decent weather. 


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'47 Buick Purchase in ‘91.  The frame is done (late model engine and suspension), and the top is chopped, but the body work is still a big project.  This was in a junk yard in Wyoming waiting to be crushedI have this project on hold until I have the time to do the bodywork using old fashioned techniques including lead.

‘50 Olds Fastback.  Purchased in ‘94.  The frame and body work are done and part of the paint work is completed.   A friend rescued it from a junkyard, but lost interest before he could find the time to start on it.

59 IHC truck model BC-150. This was a very special present from the Jeute family.  It is ugly, but a bit rare.  It is quite an experience to drive this truck, but I still enjoy it.  It sure comes in handy for hauling large loads.

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‘50 Olds Bubble Coupe.  Purchased in ‘84.  This car has a special place in my heart since my first car was a ‘50 olds (sedan) and the bubble coupe was always my favorite.  This car is very rough and will need a total re-do.  Because it is special, I will wait until I have the time and resources to do it correctly.

47 Oliver 80 tractor.  It is a work horse right now (mowing, lifting, plowing, etc.), but will be restored someday.


Yes, he has more projects than sense!

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1985 Eagle Bus.  This  is, by far my biggest project.  It will become our home on wheels.


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This is a 1972 Jeep Commando.  It has a 304 V8 engine and turbo 400 trans.  It was in pretty serious need of a lot of help.  I have done some body work, redone most of the electrical wiring, installed new lift springs, installed a new heater/AC, and new tires.  Still lots of work to do, but it is a pretty neat vehicle.  It will be  the “toad” (towed vehicle) for our bus.

This toterhome is based on a 1986 IHC S1900 truck chassisThe motorhome part is a 12 1/2 foot box with a full queen size bed over the cab.  It has a lot of cabinets, microwave, TV (with satellite), roof air, large generator, refrigerator, large water and holding tanks, heater, large inverter and battery bank (to supply 110 volt power), water heater, etc.  It was sold in 2002, but I still keep the page open because of the magnitude of the projectl


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