This car was the classic story—it was found in a farmers yard in not the best of condition.  I removed the body and reconditioned the frame.  It has been modernized with 350/400 engine/transmission, AC, Cruise and even an air suspension system from a Lincoln.


It is my daily driver for all but the snow months.  It now has over 45,000 miles on it since I finished it.  It is very fun to drive and sure gets a lot of thumbs up.  The paint is getting a little tired (has lived all of its life outdoors), but it still doesn’t look too bad.


This photo was taken in ‘87 shortly after we all returned from the maiden trip to Springfield Illinois for a car show and some fun ‘50s activities.  No, the cat did not make the trip with us!


‘56 Chevy

As is the case with several of my project pages, they were written quite some time ago and are a bit antiquated in format.  However, they still tell the story.