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Over the years I have owned five 1950 Oldsmobiles.  Indeed my first car was a 1950 two door sedan that I purchased when I was 15 (1957).  The photo below shows my cousin and I standing by my car.

Over the years I painted it a metallic lime green and then later a bright orange.  I am trying to find pictures of those versions.

The next '50 Olds I bought was around 1965.  It was a four door standard shift.  I painted it a maroon color and drove it for a short time before selling it.  As I recall, it had one bad cylinder but still ran very well (See photo below).

In July, 1986 I purchased a pretty rough '50 bubble coup.  It does run (somewhat) and has a few speed equipment parts on it.  I have stored it since purchase, hoping to start a project to bring it back to life.  (See photo below).  I should note that I have gathered a ton of parts for this car and have most of what I need to make it a decent car.

In 1991 the following ad appeared in the Denver Post:

I show this ad in my '47 Buick project page (here).  The reason I show it in both set of project pages is that, not only did I purchase the '47 Buick from the wrecking yard, I also purchased a '50 Olds four door sedan from the same wrecking yard.  It was my intention to make a full on custom out of the four door.  That was not to be.  It turns out that in 1994 I purchased a '50 fastback from a friend and the four door ended up donating lots of parts (including the frame) for that project.  Here is the four door on its way to wrecking yard:

And my last purchase (November 23, 1994):

I just could not resist purchasing this '50 Olds  fastback from a good friend.  The body was in good shape and I knew I had all the parts to finish the project.  I did a lot of work on this car in the mid-90s and have just recently began to work on it again. It will be the subject of a build diary on this website (see menu).

As a side note, all of my high school friends had '50 Oldsmobiles.  At one time we had almost every model.  In those years, the '49/'50 Olds were the fastest cars and the muscle car era was not to be born for several years.

I have to say that my love of '50 Oldsmobiles was partially a result of my parents purchasing a beautiful '50 four door – new.  My dad was so proud of the power that the car had.  That was kind of a joke, since he was the worlds slowest driver.

Jim Shepherd
Evergreen, CO