The Garage page 4

The progress continues.  Since this was last updated, the following was accomplished.

On 4/9/00 the sons-in-laws and Damon plus a friend of Toms came up and we installed two sides of the T1-11 siding plus the cedar siding and fake brick on the front.  What a job, but it was sure good to get the work done.  The north side was still frozen at the base and I had to install the siding after the ice melted.

I started installing the shingles on July 4 and finished  on July 26, 2000.  Could not have picked a hotter time of the year and this was a very hot July!.  Because of the heat, I worked in the early mornings and evenings since the shingles were too hot to handle during the middle of the day.  I carried 72 bundles (70 pounds each) up the ladder  The felt I installed in January had to be  removed because of damage due to weathering.

I started painting the doors and siding on 8/24/00.  I should have it finished in the next week or so.

The above photo was taken  August 28, 2000.  There is still some paint and brick work to do, but it is starting to look like a finished building!

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