Our 1985 Eagle 10 Bus Conversion Project

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Information specific to my Series 60/AutoShift conversion

Wiring information

The following table contains the wiring information for my wiring harness for both the engine and AutoShift transmission.  My engine is a DDEC III (now converted to a DDEC IV) and the socket/wire/function may vary for other engines.  The AutoShift wire harness should be standard for all AutoShifts

Also please note that these sockets are for the Deutsch (round) connectors shown earlier in this document.

Wiring details for Series 60 and AutoShift conversion
Engine wiring harness using Deutsch 31 pin connectors
Socket Wire Function
1 509 Stop engine light
2 544 Cruise enable
3 510 PTO VSG
4 531 Clutch
5 524 Park brake switch
6   Not used
7   Not used
8 901 Data link negative
9   Not used
10 953 Battery ground
11 417 Throttle
12 541 Set/Coast
13 543 Brake switch
14 528 Diagnostic request and stop engine override switch
15   Not used
16   Not used
17   Not used
18 916 Sensor supply
19 952 Sensor ground
20   Not used
21   Not used
22 545 Resume/Accelerate
23 555 Fan control
24 564 Low coolant
25 419 Check engine light
26 979 Engine brake (L)
27 900 Data link plus
28 583 Engine brake (M)
29 439 Ignition
30   Not used
31   Not used

The following wiring information is for an Eaton AutoShift (Gen. 1) transmission


Transmission Vehicle Interface Harness (14 pin Duetsch connector)

Socket Wire Function
A   Clock (+) to gear display
B   Data (-) to gear display
C   Gear display power (+)
D   Gear display power (-)
E   ATA (+) to diagnostic connector
F   ATA (-) to diagnostic connector
G   E-brake (+) not used on AutoShift
H   Spare 1
J   Start engine (+)
K   Spare 2
L   Vign switched power with 10 amp fuse or breaker
M   Vdash from dash lights
N   Ground  (not used in harness)
P   Spare 3
Transmission Harness (14 pin Duetsch connector) for engine connection
Socket Wire Function
A   EPL-HIGH  (*)
B   EPL-LOW  (*)
D   VBATT (+)   from prower connect relay (tower) output 
F   BATT 1
G   J1939 (+)  (*)
H   J1939 (-)  (*)
J   J1939 SHIELD  (*)
K   VBATT 2  from prower connect relay (tower) output
M   BATT 2
N   Not used
P   Not used

(*) Special shielded twisted pair cable (one cable for EPL and one cable for J1939)


Shallow Pan Conversion for Series 60

The following is the information for the parts that will be needed to convert a truck deep sump pan system to a bus shallow system.  I want to thank Connell Smalling and Ray Lala for compiling a significant part of this information.


Part No.


Shallow Aluminum Oil Pan 23529248 1
Pan Gasket 23522279 1
Pan Bolts 23522281 10
Shallow Oil Pickup tube 23526928 1
Pickup Tube Bracket (half) 23512920 1
Pickup Tube Bracket (half) 23512921 1
Pickup Tube gasket 23505992 1
Dip stick 23515357 1
Dipstick tube 23515358 1


  1. The Dipstick/tube must be mounted in the correct location which is on the starter side.
  2. Detroit Dealers can not seem to work without an engine number.  I obtained an engine serial number from a Provost bus:  6R2570524.
  3. On my bus, the above parts gave me slightly less than 10 gallons to the full mark on the dipstick which is approximately 1 inch below the pan rail.

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