Hello from Howard, CO

Hello from Howard, CO

Drafted:  Monday Afternoon July 18, 2022 (First post of this travelogue)

Posted: July 28.  I am way behind on my travelogues.  I have lots of excuses but that is all they are.  One travelogue that is pending is our trip to Crested Butte for our grandson’s wedding.  I am hoping to get a good picture of the ceremony for the travelogue.  Hopefully, the picture is forthcoming.

We are camped at the Pleasant Valley RV Park (Google Map).

We stayed here a few days in early June (travelogue link).  As I noted in that blog our site was right on the Arkansas River.  We said that we would come back in the future.  Well, it turns out that there was a big IHC rally in Salida (link to website).  I have attended these rallies in the past and always enjoy seeing what we call the “old Binders” (mostly Scouts out of the 60s and 70s plus a few old trucks).  I am including a few photos.

This photo shows a few of the Scouts on display

This is a long-time friends Traveler with an original diesel engine.

The Traveler is an extended version of the normal IHC Scout.

We drove the truck and trailer down on Friday and we will leave tomorrow.  This campground is so relaxing with the sounds of the rushing water and beautiful views (the grass is very green right now).

Across from the campground there is a rather large house and acreage that has several hundred feet of river front.  One day we watch the owner fly fishing.  In the morning I did not see him catch anything, but in the afternoon Pat and I watched him catch several nice sized fish.  He was quick to release them.  I have watched several other folks fishing in that area, but I have not seen anyone have any luck.

On Sunday Jeff and Julie (Jeff is Pat’s brother) drove down from their home in Guffey.  The is not all that far as the crow flies, but the roads are far from direct to the campground.  The main purpose was just a fun visit/lunch.  However, they were also scoping out the campground for a visit later this year.

That is all for this travelogue.

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