Hello from Hugo, Colorado

Hello from Hugo, Colorado

Monday evening – May 23, 2022 (Second post of this travelogue)

So why are we staying in Hugo, Colorado?  Well, no real good reason other than it is about halfway home and we wanted to stay out a couple more days.  That turned out to be a good idea since there is still a bit of snow at the house.  We are staying two nights at the Hitching Post RV Park.  That sort of sounds impressive, until you realize that there are only 5 camp spots and the “park” is right on US 287 (lots of traffic and train noise).  However, it is cheap {grin} and it has full hookups.  It also has great truck watching as they travel on 287.  The campground is located (here).  I have included a photo of the impressive campground {fun grin}.

The weather here is still not all that great.  It is in the 50s and often pretty windy.  For us that does not matter as we planned to spend our time inside doing a bunch of catching up on our projects.

At both John Martin and here, we have had decent internet connection via AT&T.  Verizon was not any good at John Martin and we have not tried it here.  At John Martin the bandwidth was good enough to support a “Teams” meeting that Brandon needed to participate in and we still had a bit left over for poking around the internet.

We head home tomorrow (not the best weather forecast) and then head off to another camping trip on Thursday.  Stay tuned.

That is all for this travelogue.

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