Hello  from Chatfield State Park Campground

Hello  from Chatfield State Park Campground

Thursday – April 21 2022 (First post of this travelogue)

We are making a camping check-out trip of our new 2022 Crossroads Sunset camping trailer model SS285CK (information here).  We arrived Monday and will leave tomorrow.  We are camped (here).

We purchased this trailer on January 14th at the Colorado RV Travel Show.  We went to the show to look at couches for our 2014 Passport trailer.  Well, not only did we buy a couch, but we bought the trailer that went with it {grin}.  Our older trailer suited our needs fairly well, but it had two shortcomings.  First the fresh water/gray/black tanks were pretty small.  But more importantly, the seating in the trailer was not at all comfortable (hence the search for a new couch).

Picking up the trailer was another story.  The day we bought the trailer it started to snow and it snowed a bunch for the next week or two.  We traded in the Passport trailer and had to get it down to the dealer and pick up our new trailer.  We had to delay the transaction several times because of the snow and I ended up spending a few hours plowing a path out of the backyard to get the trailers in and out.  We were finally able to pick up the trailer on January 31st.  Only recently did the snow melt and allow us to get the new trailer out.

This trailer turned out to be a bit of a splurge.  It has two slide outs, a wine cooler, and an outside mini kitchen.  We had a solar panel and inverter installed so that we could do some dry camping.

The trailer systems have functioned well and we have not encountered any significant issues with the trailer.  We have to “adjust” our storage areas, but we will do that in the future.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said about our Winegard TV satellite dome and Dish Network receiver.  The combination worked well in the old trailer, but this installation has given me fits.  I have spent over 6 hours on the phone with both Dish and Winegard.  I have also spent several hours trying to troubleshoot the systems on my own.  As is often the case, Dish said it was a Winegard problem and Winegard said it was a Dish problem.  Somehow today with a lot of button pushing and menu manipulations (both Winegard and Dish) it seems to be working OK.  Of course, I thought that earlier this week.  The DVR may still have a problem.

It may seem strange to go to the “boondocks” to relax and then have TV to watch.  While we only watch a few series and some news shows, we still enjoy that part of watching TV.

We have several trips planned for our truck and trailer over the next few months – stay tuned.

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