Hello from close to Guffey, CO

Hello from close to Guffey, CO

Draft started Monday afternoon– September 6, 2021   (First post of this travelogue).  Posted Monday September 13, 2021

We are spending the Labor Day weekend at Pat’s Bother’s place.  Jeff and Julie are simply great folks and so generous to offer their wonderful “homestead” to us and our family.  Their acreage is located about 15 miles from Guffey, Colorado.  The map for this travelogue is centered in Guffey since we don’t want to show our actual location because it is private property (Google map).

This has been an amazing weekend.  We arrived about 1;00 PM on Thursday (9/2) and will leave tomorrow. Daughter Lisa and all of her family made it at various times.  Shawna (Jeff and Julie’s daughter) and her family were here as well.  It was such a great “mix” of folks (and four dogs {grin}see photo).

This was a pretty laid back gathering.  Some folks took a long hike into the BLM land that borders on their property.   A couple of the Kassel guys did some target practice with their sophisticated bows, and several of the folks did target practice with pistols and rifles.  The variety of firearms was amazing.

Thursday night we went into Guffey and had a great dinner at the Freshwater Bar and Grill.  This place has the decor and friendly atmosphere that you would expect in a very small town – lots of fun.

Boy, did we eat well.  Dan brought his large double burner stove and a special grill that he made for it.  He prepared several meals and they were fantastic.  In addition, they brought at least 40 breakfast burritos for the group.

I am including a couple of photos to show how beautiful the area is.  A couple of the photos are taken facing south and show the adjacent BLM land.  One of the photos shows us on our 57th anniversary.

That is all of this blog.

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