Hello from Bonneville, UT

Tuesday evening  – August 10, 2021   (First post of this travelogue)

I am starting this post while sitting on the salt at Bonneville (Google Map)

Bonneville is right on the Utah/Nevada border at exit 4 on I80 close to Wendover, UT/NV.  For those that know me, you know that this is a very special event for me.  I first came here in 1990 and have been to around 20 events since then.

Last year I wrote:

 “I had hoped that Pat and I could drive the bus with my 59 IHC truck on my trailer, but just ran out of time to get everything ready for the trip.  The truck would have fit in so well with all the crazy vehicles that show up at Speed Week.”

Well, since then we have sold the bus and I had planned to pull the IHC out with the new-to-us truck.  As always seems to be the case, I ran out of time again.

The past two years I have rented a car and used it as my “motel”  at a camping area close to the salt.  This year I rented a truck and it worked out pretty well.  I used a air mattress in the bed and slept pretty well.

The weather at Bonneville varies significantly from day to night.  During the day it is close to 100 degrees and it gets very chilly (low 60s to high 50s) at night.  This year I brought a sleeping bag and I am sure glad I did.  Two nights I had to get up and put on a sweat shirt for added protection.

I left Evergreen Friday and drove to Rock Springs, WY, where I stayed at the motel 6.  I am finishing up this blog from the same motel on the way home.  Those of you that follow this blog know that our hotel of choice is the Holiday Inn chain.  However, they have really raised their rates over the past year.  To stay at a Holiday Inn property here would be over $200 (with my discount).  The motel 6 rate is $62 with taxes!  I took the I80 route since I70 is closed in the Glennwood Canyon area with little chance of opening in the near future

I arrived on the salt around 11:00 AM Saturday about the time the racing started.

The salt condition this year was the best it has been for many years .  Because of the good salt conditions, several records have been set and one car just went 460 MPH!

Over the years, a mining company has been pumping the brine off the flats and the salt thickness has gone from maybe 5 inches 30 years ago to less than one inch now.  Supposedly they are now taking the components they want out of the brine and pumping the salt back.  The condition of what is left of the salt is mostly a function of the rain.

Bonneville is a mix of exciting sights AND sounds of the race cars as well as an amazing car show that all the spectators bring.  The car show is unlike any that you will find anywhere.  Many of the cars are very old primitive “hot rods” and early customs.  Almost all of them are pretty basic (almost read crude) construction and that fits me just fine {grin}.

As a part of the tradition of car/truck camping the past three years, I drive to the salt just before sunrise and then fix my favorite coffee (Peets) using a special K cup device and boiling water from my camp stove.  Watching the sun rise and drinking great coffee on the salt  — it does not get any better that that.  Then I fix a freeze dried breakfast and relax.

My kitchen and bedroom on the salt

Today I left the salt about 11:00 am and drove back to Rock Springs, WY.

That is all for this trip.

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