Hello from Dillon, CO

Hello from Dillon, CO

Saturday evening  – July 10, 2021   (First post of this travelogue)

We are camped in Heaton Bay campground for our annual two week stay (Google Map).  Our daughter Kelly makes the reservations in December on the first day they are available on line and they are sold out the first day.  Her family is camped relatively close in the same loop.

This year we are in our new-to-us 26 foot Passport trailer (see pictures later in this blog).  We arrived here June 28th and will depart tomorrow.  Our site number is C40 and it is a great location.  Because we have limited black tank capacity we have been using the “outhouses” as much as possible.  They are large with concrete floors and the camp hosts keep them very clean.  It is a bit of a walk uphill to get to them, but we need the exercise.

Getting ready for this trip was a big effort.  I spent parts of several days trying to troubleshoot the refrigerator that would not cool.  I tried every method listed in the manual and then some.   I finally decided that it was a problem with the control board or the actual cooling circuit.  The fridge was only made for two years and was a new technology that was fairly quickly dropped from the product line.  The control board is no longer available.  So, we installed a new fridge.  It was a real challenge to get into place, but the rest of the installation was pretty simple.

There were lots of little maintenance items on both the truck and trailer to get it ready for this trip.  Little may be the wrong term.  They were simple but time consuming.

Then there was the big move-in.  We had to sort through all the bus stuff to decide what we needed to take.  We loaded maybe a 1/3 of the stuff.  In addition to the bus stuff we also had to load all the basic items.  Pat had ordered new bedding, towels, toaster, etc.  Of course, I had to load a bunch of tools in order to be prepared for the “unknown”.

Once we got here, we made a list of things that we needed to add to the trailer.  Then it was a trip to WalMart.  One fun thing was a small ice maker.  We got a broom and dust pan, a small portable table, the ice maker and a few other misc. items.

Camping here is a bit of a dichotomy.  When I look around all I see are beautiful mountains and trees and a couple of campers.  Yet we are about a mile from a WalMart, Safeway, City Market and tons of stores and restaurants.  We can hear (but not see) the highway traffic, but we are still in our own little paradise.

Comparing our trailer experience to our bus experience is interesting.  We really miss some of the bus infrastructure such as the big fresh water and sewage tanks, wonderful heating system (yes it gets cold at night  up here at 9,000 feet), great inverter that kept the batteries charged and a wonderful view out the front.  That said, we are enjoying all the room that the slide out provides, the power awning, the great dining nook, and the general layout of the trailer.  Of course, I am enjoying the truck – it hardly knew it was pulling the trailer.

The weather has been quite variable.  We have had days with very heavy rain and days of rather hot and dry conditions.  With our awning and portable picnic table cover, we have been able to deal with the weather conditions.  A few days we had to run the AC (after running the heater in the morning).

This trip has been a bit different from past stays here.  We have been very lazy.  That was somewhat dictated by the fact that we were very worn out and tired from the trip preparation.  Pat, Kelly, and her family played a lot of games, did some stamping and just generally goofed off.  I did a lot of reading and worked on a few trailer projects.  I also did quite a bit of “designing” of some projects to make the truck/trailer better suited to “boon docking” when the time comes.  That involved some simple CAD design work and some extensive Google research – obviously things I enjoy.

I guess that will complete this travelogue.

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