Hello Again from Kihei, Hawaii

Hello Again from Kihei, Hawaii

Friday morning  – May 14, 2021   (Second post of this travelogue)

The title says “again”, but actually all of the posts will be from here.  I did not say in the first post that Kihei is on the island of Maui.

I wanted to talk a bit about our 2003 trip here.  Pat had earned a cruise around the islands and out to an “international” island.  We had planned to go a week early and daughter Lisa and her family were going to spend that week with us.  Like this trip, we left Evergreen in a snow storm.  When I say snow, I really mean SNOW.  We had 6 feet of snow the day prior to our scheduled flight (see photo).  Pat was in constant contact with the travel agency and they finally advised us late the day that we were scheduled to leave that Denver International would be re-opening late in the day and if we could get there, we could catch a flight to LA.  I told Pat there was no way we could make it, as I was having a terrible time plowing the driveway.

Well, we did make it (even drove down our tight twisty canyon road that was only plowed to one lane).  We made it to LA with no problem, but of course, could not make a connection to Maui that evening.  They got us on a flight the next day and we made it just fine, albeit a day late.  When I talked to the condo manager, he said I would still have to pay for the day we missed.  I told him the situation and he said if I could prove it, he would not charge us for the day we missed.  I sent him the photo below and we were not charged {grin}

Now for this trip.  We have really been cooling our jets.  Our AirBnb is a nice place with a great little patio that we have been enjoying to the max.  The weather could not be better and the trees and shrubs outside our patio are gorgeous (see photo).  If you look closely, you will see beautiful flowers in the top of the tree in the foreground (you can click on the picture and then zoom in).

Yesterday we had a fun situation.  We have been long-time members of The Ghost Town Club of Colorado.  During Covid they have switched to Zoom meetings each month.  We were able to “attend” the meeting from our condo.  It was interesting because the meeting in Denver was at 7:30 PM but that is 3:30PM here (four hours difference).

Tomorrow we move to the Grand Wailea Resort to begin being treated to all the luxury.

I will cover the story about the bus in the next post.

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