Hello from Green River, UT

Hello from Green River, UT

Wednesday evening – April 14, 2021   (Seventh post of this travelogue).

Well, we are on the home stretch now.  We should be in Evergreen tomorrow.  Tomorrow’s travel should be about 5 ½ hours of driving and a bit less than 350 miles.  It doesn’t sound too bad until you factor in fairly significant snow predictions in Colorado.

Our stop last night was in Ely (pronounced eee-lee).  Ely has a very large mining operation just west of town with three very large open pit mines.  The mines span almost three miles and the tailings are many stories high.  They mostly produce copper, gold and molybdenum.

Our trip today was a bit of a challenge from the standpoint of potty breaks.  We drove about 150 miles and over two hours before we could find a town with a restroom.  Actually Pat had to go to the post office and plead with them to use the facilities.  I did the normal man thing down the road {grin}.  On highway 50 in Nevada there are just no towns and almost no rest stops.  We did find one area marked rest stop, but there was not even a porta-potty on the property.

As I noted above, we are in Green River, Utah.  This has always been a great travel logistics location for us.  It is a nice drive to and from Evergreen and we have stayed in Green River many times over the years.  Several years ago we were thrilled that Holiday Inn built a hotel here.  However, it did not last long and soon became another brand.  That caused us to travel on to Price when we were travelling to Salt Lake City in order to stay at a HI making the drive longer that we preferred.  As I made plans to stay here tonight my search revealed that HI has just opened a new Holiday Inn Express Woo Hoo!

Since this might be the last post for this trip, I thought I might summarize the trip a bit.  We left Evergreen March 16 and will get home on April 15.  We have spent 30 nights in hotels – all Holiday Inn properties.  Five of the nights were paid for by accumulated points.  All of the nights in Sumner were paid for by NTT.  We have driven around 3,000 miles.  In general, the weather has been pretty decent for our driving days.  Tomorrow may be the exception.

That is all for this trip.

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