Hello from Reno, NV

Hello from Reno, NV

Monday evening – April 12, 2021   (Sixth post of this travelogue).

We are slowly making our way back home.  After our stay in Newport, OR, our next stop was Klamath, CA.  As noted in the title we are in Reno, NV tonight.  Our stays in Newport and Klamath were both Holiday Inn properties and both were significantly less that acceptable.  As I mentioned, the Newport facility was over $250 with taxes.  The room was very plain Jane and the things like wash clothes were limited to two.  But the crowning blow was that the shower did not have a shower curtain!  I discovered it as I was getting in and too late to have them do something about it.   In Klamath we had a room close to the front desk (101).   Only problem was that it was next door to the food prep room and they got a very noisy delivery at 11:47 PM.  The very loud banging lasted several minutes.  Then at 4:00 they started prepping the meal and that was again very noisy.  I am not sure what they were doing at 4:00 since there were no hot entrees.

We had planned to drive through the Redwood National Park after leaving Klamath, but we somehow missed the turn off.  Since we had been through the park several time we decided not to turn back.  Today we drove into Lassen Volcanic National Park.  However, we were not able to do much sightseeing since the road was closed about 10 miles from the entrance due to snow pack.

Now for some quick comments/observations.

  1. We rented a 2021 Kia Sportage. It is a nice looking car that drives well.  It is a bit basic, but not to the level of annoyance.  Photo later in this blog.
  2. One of the reasons I like to stay in Sumner is the beautiful view of Mt Rainier. Mt Rainier’s elevation is 14,411 feet, but the base is close to sea level.  It is the tallest single peak in the lower 48 states.  I posted a photo taken from our room in an earlier post of this series.
  3. All along the Washington and Oregon Coast there we lots of Tsunami warning signs with directions to go to higher ground in the event of a Tsunami. We wondered how we would know if there was an event.
  4. All of our nights so far have been in Holiday Inn properties. It is amazing all the different ways they deal with breakfasts.  Some do not have any hot entrees.  Some put the entrees in a special box.  Some hide the coffee and only let the employees serve coffee in their cups although one would put it in my Yeti cup if they witnessed me wipe it down with a disinfecting wipe {grin}
  5. US highway 101 is a very scenic route. The Washington and Oregon coasts are beautiful (see photo below of Seal Rock).
  6. Potty breaks have been a bit of a challenge on this trip. We were on the Interstate most of the way to Sumner, and we could use the normal Interstate rest stops.  However on 101 and for Interstate emergencies, we could no longer use fast food restaurants since most have closed their dining areas (and restrooms).  We have gotten creative a few times and used National and State campgrounds and city parks that have outhouses.


Kia Sportage


Seal Rock Oregon


More to come.

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