Hello yet again from Sumner, WA

Hello yet again from Sumner, WA

Drafted Sunday evening – April 4, 2021   (Fourth post of this travelogue).  Posted Monday evening.

This past week we have basically been slugs.  This was my “in-between week” and we had no real schedule. We have been to Seattle several times and have done quite a bit of the tourist things in the past.  We had talked about going to a crab pot dinner at the water front in Seattle and maybe going to the Boeing Museum, but both of those would involve fighting the terrible Seattle traffic and trying to find a place to park at the sea food restaurant.  We have done both in the past.

On Monday we drove to Duvall and had a great Mexican food Dinner.  We wrote about this place in this post.  As noted in the previous post, Duvall is the hometown of a good friend and he loves this restaurant.  It was a bit over 50 miles each way, but we knew the food would be great and the scenery is impressive in that area.  Prior to driving to dinner, I took Pat the Muckleshoot Casio in Auburn and then drove to Kent to see if I could get some parts for the AC in the 56 Chevy.  Pat did not have a good time at the casino which is pretty unusual.  She often says that she does not mind loosing as long as she gets to play with her money.  In this case, the machines were not friendly.

Wednesday we drove around the east and north sides of the Olympic Peninsula.  We did this in 2013 (this post).  We took a slightly different starting route by driving to Olympia and then up the 101 alongside the Hood Canal.  That is a beautiful drive.  Once we reached the north side of the peninsula, the scenery was so-so.  In 2013 we ate at a fun little restaurant called the Blackberry Café.  We decided to see if it was still in business.  Fortunately we stopped at a rest stop and asked an attendant if he had heard of the place.  He had and gave us instructions on how to get there.  We probably would not have found it without the instructions. In case we ever try to find the place again I am benchmarking it here (Google Map).  If you look at the map, you will see that the restaurant is so small the name does not show up.  We even got to have some blackberry pie.  Black berries are very prevalent in this area (almost like weeds) and the small town of Joyce, where the restaurant is, has a Blackberry Festival each year.

Saturday I drove Pat to the Emerald Queen Casio in Fife.  I then drove to Boeing to make sure that everything was ready for Monday.  As noted, this class begins at 6:00 AM and I did not want to go in extra early for the first day.  In addition, the public parking lot that instructors use, has been converted to a Covid testing area and we must enter the Boeing property and park in a special lot.  I am glad that I did the “dry run” since there were some wrinkles in the process.

Pat, again, did not have a great day at the casino.  Both of the Casinos she went to are on Native American property and we wonder if the payout is different for these properties.

More to come.

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