Hello from Sumner, WA

Hello from Sumner, WA

Tuesday– March 23, 2021   (Second post of this travelogue)

On Saturday we traveled from Pendleton, OR to Sumner, WA where we will spend the next 3 weeks while I teach at Boeing. Because we did not have to use our “wiggle room day” for any weather issues, we arrived a day early.

Sunday we spent a good part of the day in the town of Federal Way where Pat got a hair cut, spent some time at Barnes and Noble (long delayed visit due to Covid) and did our meal shopping at Trader Joe’s

When I am at these assignments I often stop at Trader Joe’s and get meals that I can eat in the room.  With Pat being here it makes even more sense to get our meals there.  The food is great and very cost effective.

This weeks assignments at Boeing are interesting.  Washington has been at a 25% capacity mandate for the COVID situation and Boeing has responded by reducing the class size from 12 to 4.  That is great for me, as I have less cats to herd {grin}.  It is really great for the first class I teach this week – Mechanical Drives.  Because we only have one trainer per chapter, I usually have to do the class work the first two days and then do the labs the third day (with teams rotating between each trainer).  With just 4 students (actually 3 since one person did not show up), it is an ideal situation where I can teach a chapter and then do the lab.

The assignments for this week are on the second shift (2:30-11:00).  I really like that shift.  It gives me the whole morning to work on stuff and relax a bit.

More to come in later posts.

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