Hello from Centennial, CO

Hello from Centennial, CO

Tuesday evening  – October 20, 2020   (First post of this travelogue)

Well, I am back at NTT for three days this week.  However, I am the student this time.  After three days of training I will be certified as a Live On Line (LOL) training producer.  The producer is the hardware/software/student/instructor support person to assure that the online training session goes smoothly.

There are a lot of hardware and software details that almost boggle the mind.  The most demanding part of the assignment is getting three monitors set up with several software platforms, then set up proper window views of all the software on those monitors depending on what the instructor needs.   After that, the remote students must be logged in and any communication problems resolved.  That whole process takes about two hours.  For the rest of the class time, the producer monitors the software to make sure the students are using all the tools we use to teach the class.

The producer position pays less than half the instructor rate, but it is still decent income and will fund my “toy” budget, hopefully at level that will keep me active in the shop .  In addition, it will not involve air travel and is less demanding than teaching.  Also, as I mentioned in the last post, our sales for the classes I teach is really in the toilet right now.  I think the producer assignments will be more frequent.

That is all for this trip.

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