Hello from Heaton Bay Campground in Dillon, CO

Hello from Heaton Bay Campground in Dillon, CO

Monday afternoon  – June 29, 2020   (First post of this travelogue)

We are in the Heaton Bay Campground in Dillon in our trusty old bus.  Our location on Google Maps is here

We arrived Sunday 6/21.  We are in site 40 in loop “C”.  Of all the spaces we have stayed in, this one is probably our least favored.  That said it is still a great site.  Many years ago the campground was devastated by Pine Beetle.  All the gorgeous pines had to be cut down.  We noted that the new pines have really filled in and the vegetation is close to what it was when we first started coming here.

For many years we have come to this beautiful campground – usually for a period that includes the Fourth of July.  This year our reservation ends tomorrow (6/30) since we thought we would be flying to Hawaii for Pat’s earned trip.  It turns out that trip has been postponed till next spring.  Reservations are hard to get here, so we will not try to extend. 

As has been the case for several years we make our reservations so that we can camp with daughter Kelly and her family.  Actually I should clarify that Kelly makes the reservations since it is very cutthroat process and you need to be online at exactly 6 months prior to you arrival date and then it is not always guaranteed that you will get a spot in the area that has water and power.

We have had a very large range of weather here.  It has been close to 90 degrees at times but it is very cool in the night.  Indeed, I saw one reading of 37 degrees when I got up.  We had to put on our sleeping bag as an extra cover to keep us warm at night.   We have also had quite a few rainstorms – almost every afternoon.  It has cleared up most of the evenings so that we could have a campfire.

This has been a pretty laid back stay.   Many of the things we tend to do (shopping, movies, etc.) are closed or we have chosen to avoid, given the COVID 19 situation.  On Wednesday (granddaughter Madison’s birthday) we did take a pontoon boat out on the lake and had a ton of fun.

I did have one terrible moment.  As we were pulling into our camp spot (tight spot to get the bus into) my power steering quit.  Of course, I suspected the worse (bad pump) but decided that I should replace the hydraulic fluid filter to see if that would solve the problem.  That in itself is a challenge since I have three major hydraulic circuits and three filters.  For some reason I decided to pull one of the filters to look at it – like I could tell anything by looking at the filter.  The next day I decided to do some testing on the pump and to do that I needed to start the engine.  I then went back and crawled under the bus to check the hydraulic fan and looked over to see a HUGE amount of hydraulic fluid raining on the ground.  I quickly shut off the engine but by that time I had pumped well over a gallon of hydraulic fluid on the ground.  Turns out I did not get the filter properly seated.  I did get the three filters ordered and went to Walmart to get a bag of kitty litter to finish cleaning up the oil (I had sopped up quite a bit with paper towels but there was still a bunch left on the asphalt parking pad).  I ended up using almost two bags of kitty litter and lots of scrubbing with my shoes to get most of it cleaned up.  What a mess.

That is all for this trip.

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