Hello from Chatfield State Park

Hello from Chatfield State Park

Wednesday evening  – June 10, 2020   (First post of this travelogue)

We are in the Chatfield State Park campground site 168 –  in the bus no less!!!  Our location on Google Maps is here

This is a quick shake down trip that will let us sort out any issues from the bus sitting so long.  We are relatively close to home and chose this campground since it had full hookup (more about that later). 

We had planned to drive to the Sterling rest area which had a full dump system, but that would have been 150 miles each way and we did not want to spend the time or fuel dollars.  We decided to stay here for a couple of nights.  We are dog sitting Benny, but he is used to the bus and has done fine.

While I have encountered a few small problems, I have resolved most of them.  The big issue was the black/gray/fresh water systems.  I am not good about recording when I dump and I had lost track of how full the black tank was.  Turns out we must have emptied it on our last trip (not counting the traumatic trip to Guffey where Pat was badly injured and we did not spend a night in the bus).  The gray water tank has a manual site gauge on it, so I knew where we were there and it was not big deal.  The most problematic tank was the fresh water tank.  The water in that tank had been sitting for a couple of years.  While I keep a fair amount of chlorine in the tank, it quite obviously needed to be drained and flushed.  Having full hookups here allowed me to get all the tanks squared away.

This is a great camping spot.  The other campers are several yards away and we have a full view to the south.  The fun part of this spot is that it it very close to the RC Plane field and we got to watch lots of aerobatic flying including some model jets.

In a bit over a week we will head to Dillon to spend a few days with the Bergmans.

That is all for this trip.


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