Hello from Roseville, CA

Hello from Roseville, CA

Draft started:  Friday morning – November 1, 2019   (First post of this travelogue)

Posted:  11/6/19

I made this trip to present an NTT Mechanical Drives class for the city of Roseville, CA.  My hotel was the Holiday Inn Express in Lincoln, CA (link to Google Maps). 

This Holiday Inn was the closest location to the Roseville water treatment plant where I taught the class.  That said, it was a 20 minute drive.  I had to be at the plant between 6 and 6:30 AM, so the traffic was not bad.  It was a good class, as many of the students were race fans or car builder folks.  We had a lot in common.  That always makes for good exchange during the class.

The weather out here is rather nice.  The closest of the many huge fires in CA are about a hundred miles away and there is no noticeable smoke.  The temperatures are rather crisp in the morning (30s), but once the sun came out it was comfortable shirt sleeve weather.  Unfortunately, Pat has had to endure significant snow and temperatures as cold as -10 degrees!!

I stayed over Friday to visit a good friend who lives and has an amazing machine shop close to North San Juan, CA (about 20 miles north of Grass Valley, CA).  I first met Steve in the early 90s when he was a big blower belt distributor for Gates.  His business is based on racing products (a significant part of that business includes blower belt pulleys, cam gears, and starters for fuel drag racing cars).  Our relationship quickly changed from vendor/customer to good friends.  His company website:  link to RCD Engineering

We spent quite a bit of time in his “toy” shop where he has been building an amazing '59 El Camino that has a huge number of custom machined parts. 

Steve Leach 59 El Camino

We also toured his shop which as a large number of CNC machining centers.  All of this in a very remote part of the county.

I had scheduled a late flight and ended up getting home at 3:00 AM Saturday morning.

That is all for this trip.  

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