Our unforgettable trip to Guffey, Co

Our unforgettable trip to Guffey, Co

I am writing this “travelogue” two months after we started our journey to Guffey, CO.  

The trip started out as a fun Labor Day trip to Pat’s Brother and Sister-in-laws new home in Guffey, CO. It was going to be a fun family weekend.  We left Evergreen on August 31, 2019.

This was the first trip in our Eagle Bus in almost three years.  The bus has had some issues and I finally got them resolved.  The approximately 100 mile drive was beautiful and uneventful.  Our granddaughter Molly went with us and rode shotgun.  She has always enjoyed the bus and had missed traveling with us.

Unfortunately about two hours after our arrival, Pat was badly injured in a UTV accident.  Pasted below is a note I sent to her customers: 

I am sad to announce that Pat was hurt in a UTV/ATV accident on Saturday (8/31/19).  We had traveled to her Brother and sister-in-laws new house near Guffey, CO.  We had planned a long weekend with several family members.  Our SIL took Pat and Molly (youngest granddaughter) for a tour of the property.  Somehow the vehicle accelerated and rolled into a large ditch.  Pat was thrown clear of the vehicle.

She sustained some pretty significant injuries and was taken to UCHealth Medical Center in Colorado Springs via Flight-for-life.  Her injuries include several large deep lacerations to the back of her head, severe wrist fracture (will require surgery), 4 broken ribs and a large open wound to her leg.  Today she had surgery to suture the head cuts, run a scope to her lungs and to clean/repair the leg wound. 

They were able to reduce the wound area from about 4 inches in diameter  to about 2 ½ inches.  They have installed a vacuum patch on the open wound in hopes that it will help the healing.  They think that there is the possibility that she will need a skin graft.

She has been in the ICU for the past two nights.  We are hoping that she will transfer to a regular room tomorrow.  We do not know when she will get to go home.

She will have a tough recovery that will last several weeks.


Over the past two months Pat has had four surgeries.  She was a trooper through it all and has now recovered from most of her injuries.

We are looking forward to going back to Guffey, in the bus, in the spring.  Their place is beautiful and we know we will have a ton of fun.

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