Hello from San Francisco

Hello from San Francisco

Tuesday morning – July 17, 2018   (First post of this travelogue)

We are on our  big summer trip thanks in good part to Stampin’ Up!  Pat earned an Alaska Cruise and we decided to broaden the adventure a bit.  The cruise sails out of  Seattle on Friday, but we wanted to try something a bit different before the cruise.  We chose to have SU fly us to San Francisco and then we plan to take the train to Seattle.  The Train is the “Coast Starlight” and is said to be a very picturesque trip.  We depart tonight at 9:39 PM and arrive in Seattle about 8:00 PM tomorrow.  We booked a sleeping room, so it should be pretty comfortable.

We flew out Sunday morning and took an Uber “Pool” ride  to the hotel.   That was pretty interesting.  There were 5 passengers and luggage in a Honda Pilot.  It all worked out  fine and we got to see quite a bit of the area as the driver made his stops. 

Our hotel is the Holiday Inn Express, Fisherman’s Wharf  Google Maps Link

This is a typical Holiday Inn Express, but because of the location, is it obscenely expensive.  However, we decided to splurge since we are within a couple of blocks of some great tourist areas including Fisherman’s Wharf.

Sunday we ate a late lunch, so we were not all that hungry at dinner time.  We walked down to the wharf and shared an amazing dessert waffle at a famous bakery. 

Yesterday we planned to take a “hop on  hop off” bus around the area, but Pat woke up with a pretty bad migraine headache.   We opted to cool our jets and then have a great dinner at Alioto's – a famous Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant.  We went early a got a great window table overlooking the bay with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.  It was a great meal.


View from dinner table at Alioto's  (note Golden Gate Bridge in background.

View from dinner table at Alioto's (note Golden Gate Bridge in background.

Our table at Aliotos (Medium)

Meal at Aliotos (Medium)

The weather here is rather cool (high 60’s).  We had planned to “layer” for the Alaska part of the trip and it sure worked out well for here.

That is all for this post.

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