Hello from Sacramento

Hello from Sacramento

Saturday morning – May 12, 2018   (First post of this travelogue)

This trip was to present a NTT class.  It was what they call a regional class which means that it is held in a hotel and folks from various companies attend.  The class was LRSA which concentrates on bearings, lubrication and shaft alignment (including the use of dial indicators and a laser).  This class was held at the Lions Gate Hotel Link to Google Map

LRSA is a four day class – in this case Tuesday through Friday.  They could not get me out  Friday evening, so I am flying home today.  I flew out last Sunday so that I could visit with my good friend Steve Leach on Monday before the classes started.  As I have said many times Steve and I are almost like brothers and we even look a bit alike.  I met Steve in the late 80s when he was a Gates customer selling blower belts to the fuel teams in NHRA drag racing.  It did not take long for the relationship to change from customer/vendor to friendship.  Pat and I  have visited Steve and his family a few times and I try to get out to see him whenever I am in the area.  He is also a car nut and has a couple of fantastic projects going right now. 

It is a fun drive to his location which is in North San Juan about an hour and a half from Sacramento.  The drive is beautiful.  His home and business buildings are very remote and are located next to a huge gold placer mine Link to Google Map.  If you look at the map, the pin is at his house, and the manufacturing facilities (race car parts) is to the right.

The class went very well.  There were six students and we were able to have fun dialogues during the class.  They were quite attentive an did well on the trainers.  I enjoy teaching the various classes, but when the student group has good participation/dialog, it make it even better.

That is all for this trip

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