Hello from Everett, WA

Hello from Everett, WA

Wednesday evening – March 7, 2018   (First post of this travelogue)

Wow, this has been about the longest stretch between blog posts that I can recall.  As we have noted many times, this blog is a travelogue and we have not traveled since early our October/November trip.

This trip was made to teach two different classes at the Boeing Everett facility:  Shaft Alignment and Mechanical Drives.  Most of the classes I teach at Boeing are at the Auburn plant which is south of Seattle.  The Everett plant is north of Seattle and it the main assembly plant for a variety of the Boeing passenger planes.   It is a huge facility with many acres under roof (several 747 size planes can be assembled at one time in the main building). 

The classes are going well.  We have completed the Shaft Alignment class and have started in on the Mechanical Drive class.  There are 12 students, which is quite of few and the space is very limited for setting up the trainers.  It will be quite a challenge to get the labs done.

As is typically the case, I am staying at a Holiday Inn Express (Google Maps Link)

This is the first class I have taught since my knee replacement.  I was very concerned about being on my feet for five 8 hour days, but it has not been a problem so far.

The class is being held from 6:00 Am to 2:30.  The alarm goes off long before I am ready to get up {grin}.

Friday should be a scramble.  I will need to pack all the equipment and then head to the airport.  On paper, I have quite a bit of time (7:55 PM) departure but I have to drive nearly 40 miles though some of the worst traffic in the world.  Should be fun.

That is all for this trip.

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