Hello from Denver International Airport

Hello from Denver International Airport

Monday morning  – July 3 , 2017   (First post of this travelogue)

I had hoped to write a bit more about our stay in Dillon, but ran out of time.  I will add a couple of notes here and then slide into our current trip.

When we left off, we celebrated Madison’s birthday with lots of fun activities.  The rest of our stay was fairly typical for our Dillon vacation:  shopping, eating, and taking walks. 

However, we had one event that was not so good.  Damon and I, together with the girls, were loading the canoe in the water from the camping area, when both Damon and I slipped on the steep slope and fell down.  I was OK since I had my knee braces on, but not so for Damon.  He really tore up his shoulder.  Tuesday they went to an orthopedic surgeon where he was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff.  He has surgery scheduled next week.

Other than that, the stay was amazing.  The mountains were beautiful with some snow still on the slopes and the weather was great.  Even though we did not have the bus, the combination of their trailer and tent made it possible for all of us to have a great time.

We returned to Evergreen on Wednesday the 28th.  This was a bit early, but we wanted to have sufficient time to prepare for this trip (no small task).

Now for this trip.  We are heading to Thailand!!!!  Today we travel to Los Angles, then to Hong Kong and finally to Singapore.  We arrive in Singapore at 12:15 AM on the fifth.   We will spend two nights in Singapore before flying to Thailand.

Because of the date change, we really do not experience the fourth of July!   In total, that is more than 20 hours of flying.  I did purchase seat upgrades on the first two flights and that should help a bit.  For the long flight (LAX to Hong Kong) we have bulkhead seats, so we should not feel too cramped.

Our flight leaves in a few minutes, so I will end this post now

Well, best laid plans……..  my document went crazy and I had to do a bunch of editing to get it back together.  Obviously I did not get to post it before we left.  I am now doing some more drafting on the plane.  Hopefully I will have time to post it in LA.

We left the house a bit after 4:00 AM for our 8:36 flight.  As some of you know, I always prefer a relaxed seat in the airport to rushing.  Besides, we did not know how complicated our check in would be since we could not check in prior to arriving at the airport – reportedly because we were travelling to China.  Turns out  that it was a piece of cake and our bags are checked all the way to Singapore. 

We had a leisure sit down breakfast in a neat restaurant.  Our seats on this plane are in the exit row with lots of leg room (because of the upgrade).  The center seat is empty, so we have plenty of room.

We made it to LAX early and my fear of making connections turned out to be unfounded.  We did not need to go through security again and were able to walk to the International terminal.  The whole flight schedule seems so seamless. 

We were able to  have a leisurely lunch in the food court (Panda Express) and I am able to finish this blog.

That is all for this post.

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