Hello from Dillon, CO

Hello from Dillon, CO

Saturday evening  – June 24, 2017   (First post of this travelogue)

As some of you are aware, we spend two weeks at the Heaton Bay Campground each year with one or more of our girls and their families.  This year started out a bit strange, since we normally schedule the two weeks so that we spend the fourth of July in Dillon.  However, we will be leaving for Thailand on July 3.  As a result our reservation is for a week earlier than our daughter Kelly’s family.  That said, they wanted to spend the past weekend in our camp spot (tenting)  so that we could have some family time.

Obviously our plans were to drive the bus to the campground on Saturday (6/17).  Unfortunately that did not happen.  I had done some work on the engine (valve adjustment) and the engine seemed to be down on power and was smoking a bit.  My test drive was short and I laid the problems off to a cold engine and my imagination about engine power.  However, with the Durango hooked up and the bus loaded it became apparent that the engine was not happy.  I turned around and drove it home.

After a lot of anguished discussion we decided that Damon (Kelly’s husband) would get their camp trailer and we would stay in it for at least part of the stay.  We felt terrible about all the trauma, but they were so accommodating and we will still be able to spend some time together.

Kelly and Damon and one of the granddaughters (Madison) spent Saturday night in a tent while Pat and I and Molly spent the night in the trailer.  We all had a great time that night.  They then had to travel back home (Littleton) and we have enjoyed the trailer all of this week (with the exception of Monday night).

Monday we drove down to Denver to be at the hospital when our oldest Daughter, Lisa, had 5 ½ hours of surgery (double mastectomy).  She did not get out of surgery until about 7:00 PM, so we stayed at the house that night and came back up here Tuesday morning.

Molly, our youngest granddaughter has stayed with us the whole week.  It has been great.  We watched 5 DVD movies, played card games, did a bit of shopping, and just had a great time.

Late yesterday Kelly and the family returned and will be here for two weeks.  They have been nice enough to stay in the tent, while we enjoyed sleeping in the trailer.

Today was Madison’s birthday.  Madison is our second youngest granddaughter.  She had the day planned out and we had a ton of fun.  She did some paddle boarding on her new board (she is paying for the board herself), and the rest of us took turns riding in their canoe.  They went to a concert tonight – Pat and I are relaxing in the trailer.

That is all for now.

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