Hello from Sumner, WA (Belated)

Hello from Sumner, WA (Belated)

Trip 3/12-15/2017

I am writing this quick travelogue on 4/5/17 to maintain documentation of my travel. 

I was in the Seattle for the second week in a row a couple of weeks ago.  Again, to teach a couple of classes at Boeing.  These are the same two classes that were taught the week before. 

I have mentioned that teaching at Boeing can be quite an experience.  Most classes are great, but some just seem to deteriorate into less than stellar experience.  Fortunately those don’t occur  too often.

However, Pat and I experienced a situation where I will have to say that Boeing classes are a piece of cake {big grin}.  The day after I got home, we went to spend the morning at our daughters’ (Kelly) second grade class (see photo).  If you have heard the term “like herding cats”, it sure applies here.  These are great kids and Kelly does a great job of making sure the classroom is under reasonable control, but sometimes the kid’s energy just seems to overwhelm the situation.  Don’t misunderstand, they are really neat kids, but at that age they can be a handful.

Kelly's class

As I say, the next time I think about complaining about my classes, I will recall our visit to Kelly’s class.

That is all for this trip.


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