Hello from Mechanicsburg, PA

Hello from Mechanicsburg, PA

Friday morning – August 26, 2016   (First post of this travelogue)

Pat and I are staying at the Park Inn in Mechanicsburg, PA (Google Map Link).

I am here to teach a class on machine tool alignment for NTT.  It is a four day class and it just finished yesterday.  Today we start four days of tourist type activities.

The class got off to a rough start.  The hotel had not set up the room and the boxes of our manuals were misplaced.  Once we got past that panic, the second one set in when it became clear that the students in the class I was teaching had a huge amount of experience with the processes taught in the class.  I had to change the approach of the class – mainly from instructor to facilitator.  That worked well and if my grades are any indication, the students seemed pleased. 

The company is a Department of Defense contractor that rebuilds older machining tools for use in by DOD military locations all over the world.  The variety of the size and type of machines they work on is mind boggling. One of the machines we worked on was a huge lathe (probably 16 foot bed) that was originally built in 1943.  When they are done, it will be completely rebuilt and updated with modern controls.  Here is a picture of the class working on a large horizontal boring mill.

Class at the horizontal boring mill (Medium)

I will document some of our tourist activities in later posts.  However, one of the fun happenings  in the area is “Corvettes at Carlisle”  (link).  This is an annual event that attracts over 5000 Corvettes.  We have at least 30 Corvettes in our hotel.  We will not attend the show, but we will be traveling through Carlisle when we go to Gettysburg – probably tomorrow.

That is all for this post.

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