Hello from Dillon, CO

Hello from Dillon, CO

Drafted Wednesday evening – July 6, 2016   (First post of this travelogue)

Posted Friday July 8, 2016

We are in Dillon – actually the Heaton Bay Campground with the bus.  This tends to be a yearly event with at least one of the daughters and their families.  In recent years the grandkid’s schedules have prevented all but one of the families from attending (wow, the grandkids are growing up and have very busy schedules).  We are here with the Bergman family (or maybe I should say that in past tense since they left today).

Bus In Campground at Dillon (Medium)

We arrived here on Monday June 20th and will be heading home tomorrow.  It has been a great 17 day stay, but we are ready to go home to the “real” world.

If you are keeping track, we arrived home from Europe on June 14th and had to really hustle to get over jet lag, and catch up on some chores that needed attending to.  For me, that was mostly getting the bus ready to go.  It has not made a trip since our stay here last June.  It is sad that we did not get to use it for a whole year.  Fortunately, I did not run into any major snags with the bus. I would have liked to have cleaned it up a bit more but that does not affect our ability to have fun in it.

Monday the 20th was a very hectic day for me.  I drove the bus to the campground (about 70 miles) and got it set up.  THEN, I had to drive back to Denver to teach a 3 day class.  Pat had a great time with the Bergmans while I was gone.  I drove back to the campground Thursday evening.

I mentioned that it is hard to get all of the family together, with all of their activities.  However, we were able to spend some time with Thomas (came up and stayed overnight) and Nathan, along with his girlfriend Samantha who came up for the day (see pictures)

Grandkids 3 (Medium)Grandkids 1 (Medium)Grandkids 2 (Medium)

For the most part, this has been a relaxing stay.  We did take in a couple of great movies, and had a day on a pontoon boat.  The rest of time was mostly goofing off and eating. 

The pontoon boat was fun.  Pat had a migraine, so she stayed in the bus.  Some friends of Kelly and Damon joined us on the boat and we had a great time.  Even got to see a Bald Eagle flying close overhead and a goose family that swam right up to the boat (looked like they were trying to show off the very young goslings).

Pontoon Boat Group (Medium)

The weather has been a mixed bag.  The first few days it was hot and dry and then we experienced several days of pretty intense rain.  We finished up with great weather.

We had the same camp spot we were in last year and it is great for watching the wonderful fireworks show out the front window and listen to the simulcast music from the local radio station.

I had hoped to write a summary of our Europe trip, but I flat burned out.  Suffice it to say that it was a great trip and we returned safely – albeit tired. 

That is all of this trip.


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