Hello from Silt, CO

Hello from Silt, CO

Sunday evening – April 17, 2016   (Third post of this travelogue)

I have been checking the road reports for the last two days.  Our first thought was to go I 80 to avoid the high passes on I 70.  Every time I looked at the Wyoming road reports, there were increasing areas of road closures.  My guess is that they got a ton of wind and that caused blizzard and drifting conditions.  In contrast, I 70 reports were not too bad this morning.  So we set a goal of going US 6 to I 70 and driving to Silt, CO.  We are staying at the Holiday Inn Express in this small town (see map).  Silt is a few miles west of Glenwood Springs.  We drove about 350 miles today.

BTW, if you get our blog via email, you will not see the map.

We have been watching the Weather Channel since we got to the room.  Colorado is certainly the major subject.  As of this time, they are reporting 45.5 inches of snow in Conifer.  We talked to our neighbor and she thinks that we probably got that much as well.   

It is about 165 miles from here to the house.  I will check the road reports and we will leave as soon as we feel comfortable with the conditions.  Our rental car is front wheel drive and the tires do not look all that aggressive.  Once we get to the house, we will park in the neighbor’s driveway and I will attempt to plow the driveway with the tractor.  I think it will do fine, but this is the most snow that I have plowed with this tractor.

That is all for this blog.

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