Hello from Prescott, IA

Monday afternoon May 25, 2015 (first post of this trip)

As noted in our previous post, Pat flew/drove to St. Louis for a conference. She left Denver Monday 5/11/15. I stayed at home working on getting the bus ready to drive to Iowa. I had planned to leave about mid-week, but the projects just kept adding up. I finally left on Saturday (5/16/15) and drove to Lexington, NE and stayed at the Walmart. I got into Prescott about 3:00 on Sunday and Pat and Jeanne got here a couple hours later.

We normally stop at the Walmart in North Platte, but the main drag is under construction and it is tight getting in the parking area. The Lexington Walmart is much easier to get into.

Our stay in Prescott has been fun (as always). That said, it is a difficult time for the Birts. Bill’s dad passed away a couple of weeks ago and his mother is in hospice at the house. That really makes a big demand on their time and obviously affects their emotions. To make matters worse, it has been quite cold and rainy. Bill was able to get the corn planted, and a bit of beans, but now he will not be able to get to the field for several days. That will put the beans behind a bit, but the hay is an even bigger problem. That is extremely frustrating to a farmer. I guess that I should add that those emotions are affected even more by the very poor crop prices.

We generally plan to be in Iowa for Memorial day so that Pat can decorate the relatives graves. Normally that is also a good time as far as the weather is concerned. This year it has been down in the 30s a couple of nights and we had to run the heater.

One of the things we enjoy when we visit are the “road trips”. Bill loves to drive us around the area and we enjoy it even more. This year they are looking at upgrading their RV trailer, so one of the trips was to Atlantic to look at some units. Here is the route we took: Prescott…Carbon…Cumberland…Wiota…Brayton…Atlantic…Tinville…Dickeyville…Dog Hollow…Prescott. Those town names really roll off your tongue {grin}.

With all the rain, it is so lush and green back here. The attached photo is the scene I see from my seat in the bus:

Birt Farm (Medium)

That is all for now.

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