Hello from Springfield, MO

Hello from Springfield, MO
Friday Evening,  May
30, 2014   (First post of this travelogue)
I am staying at the Candlewood Suites (map).  I have two
activities that brought me here from Prescott, IA.  The first is to attend an amazing Antique
Truck Historical Society (link)
annual convention/show.  The second
activity was to meet with a person that I am doing some joint work with. 
Let’s step back and catch up with the rest of the trip so
far.  We left Denver on Saturday 5/24
after attending our granddaughter’s graduation party.  We left from the Thornton area about 4:00 Pm
and drove until it started to get dark. 
We parked the bus in a great rest stop in Julesburg, CO.  The next day we drove a bit over 400 miles
and arrived in Prescott, IA in the late afternoon.  Our bus is parked in its “reserved” spot at
the Birt house.  We spent Memorial Day
decorating graves and attending a special luncheon at the local church. 
Thursday morning I drove the PT Cruiser to Springfield, MO (about
6 hour drive).  I will return to Prescott
tomorrow.  The ATHS show (their national
convention) is amazing.  There are hundreds
of trucks.  The photo below is not the
best, but it shows a long shot of some of the trucks.  There are all shapes and sizes and
years.  I would guess that about half of
the trucks are semis.  I have been there
for a few hours Thursday and Friday and will go back for a couple of hours
tomorrow morning before I start back.
This is my third ATHS national convention.  I have been a member for many years. The
national conventions are almost beyond description.  The owners are very friendly and love to show
their trucks.  As I said, the variety is
amazing.  Each time I make a lap around
the huge fairground, I see something new and interesting.
That is all for now.
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