Hello from Dumas, TX

Hello from Dumas, TX
Sunday evening January
15, 2012 (First travelogue of this trip).
Well, it has been a long
stretch since I last posted. As I have mentioned many times, most of
the posts in this blog detail our travels. We have not traveled much
in the past few months.
We did make a short trip
to Dillon, CO between Christmas and New Years. We stayed two nights
at our daughter Kelly’s family’s townhouse. They have a wonderful
arrangement for their place. It is leased year round by Climax
Molybdenum (not sure that is their name today). They house selected
employee families there while the employee looks for permanent housing or
finishes a temporary assignment. For the last two years, the unit
was vacant during the holidays. So, they get to use their great
townhouse and still collect rent!
We were surprised at how
little snow Dillon had. Last year, they had a huge amount by
Christmas. We had planned a lot of activities, but ended up just
being lazy and enjoying ourselves.
Now, let’s talk about this
trip. Pat has a Stampin’Up convention in San Antonio and I have an
installation to finish up in the same area. We are traveling in the
PT Cruiser. I had hoped to get the Durango engine back in and broken
in, but it is taking a lot longer than I had hoped.
We left Denver early this
morning and had a pretty uneventful drive – avoiding any bad
weather. We drove south on I 25 to Raton, NM and then traveled on US
87 to Dumas. I had forgotten that US 87 is a pretty good road. They
are finishing up making it a four lane highway. The construction was
not bad and the traffic was very sparse.
We watched the outside
temperature climb to almost 70 degrees. With the sun load, we had to
run the air conditioner for a while. We arrived at the Hampton Inn
We drove just short of 400
miles today and have about 550 miles to go. We will make one
more stop before we arrive in San Antonio.
That is all for now.
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