Hello from Dillon Colorado.

Hello from Dillon Colorado.
Sunday morning June 26, 2011 (first travelogue of this trip).
Tuesday, we drove all of 60 miles to the Heaton Bay Campground (map). Our daughter Kelly and her family camp here every year around the fourth of July. They have fantastic fireworks over the lake and it is an area where there is lot of fun things to do.
We decided to make this our family vacation. Kelly and her family will be here the full two weeks and our reservation is the same. Our oldest daughter Lisa and her family will come up the 29th. Their two boys have been with us a couple of days. Youngest daughter Judy and her family sold their motorhome a couple of months ago, so they are staying in a condo that Pat “rented” as a part of our timeshare. We arranged the condo, as it give us all a place to swim and do some laundry.
When we were getting ready to leave for the campground on Tuesday, the morning news showed a picture of the campground with 3-4 inches of snow on the campers. By the time we got here, everything was melted off. Judy’s older boys and a friend are going snowboarding this morning, as Arapahoe Basin is still open on the weekends.
I took this picture of the bus on the day after we arrived. There is still a lot of snow on the mountains.
Last night four of the kids slept in the tent. They came into the bus about 4:00 AM as they got cold. The weather service said that the low is supposed to be the mid-40s at night, but they said that our outside temperature thermometer was in the thirties. I think they had a great time. The youngest granddaughter (5 years old) had not slept in a tent and was really looking forward to sleeping with the cousins. I think they still had a lot of fun.
My new project is getting pretty hot and we are scheduled to do an install in California as soon as we get back. I will probably have to fly out the day we drive home. I have been spending a few hours most days testing all of the components here in the campground. I also had to make a trip to Denver to get a couple of things done at the house and meet with the person who has done such a great job designing the new system. This install threw us a bit of a curve, as they want a dual suppression system and an automatic battery disconnect. Our system needs a minor modification (provisions already built into the design) and some special relays for the battery disconnect. So far everything seems to be working very well.
It is a bit of a bummer to have to work during the family vacation, but it is so beautiful here that the working conditions almost make the work fun {grin}
That is all for now.
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