Hello from Orange County Airport.

Hello from Orange County Airport.
Saturday afternoon April, 23 2011 (First travelogue of this trip).
I am making a quick post that is sort of a travelogue – the main reason we started this blog. Wednesday I flew from Denver to Orange County Airport and then took the shuttle to the Embassy Suites (map) in Anaheim. This trip was to work with our customer to do some further fire detection/suppression system testing. I wrote about the last trip (here).
The actual testing took place Thursday, Friday, and this morning. I believe the testing went very well. I have been asked by the customer to not discuss details.
The weather could not have been better. They have been having a lot of rain in the LA area. It was overcast, but we did not have rain, The temperatures were in the mid 60s. Those temperatures are unseasonably low which made the working conditions ideal.
I had been concerned about the possibility of spring break and a huge number of school kids at hotel. It was not all that bad. The hotel has an Anaheim address, but it is not located in the tourist area of the city. Indeed, it is in a pretty industrial area. They do, however, get their share of tourists. The kids I saw this morning at breakfast were well behaved and were from some school band.
We got finished today at about 11:30. I had arranged for late checkout, so I was able to take a much needed shower before traveling to the airport with two other people involved in the project.
Pat tells me that they expect snow in Evergreen tonight, so it will be a bit of thermal shock. It also snowed on Thursday at our house, so I missed that as well. At this point in the game, our drought is so bad that we will gladly take moisture in any form. There have been at least three small forest fires within 25-30 miles of the house, so we are concerned.
Well, as I was writing this, they called me to the podium and asked if I minded if they switched me to stretched seating so that they could accommodate a family. I told them that I would sacrifice {grin}.
That is all for this trip.
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