Old Knees -Fixed-Update

Old Knees -Fixed-Update
Tuesday Afternoon April 19 2011 (third post in this series).
I wanted to do a quick follow-up on my knee surgery. When I last posted, it was the day of the surgery. At that time I had almost no pain. I should have known that I was still loaded with the surgical pain killer {grin}. The second and third day were a bit harder in terms of pain However, I was able to avoid using the darn crutches for all but the first part of the second day – instead gingerly putting my weight on the leg.
The pain, all things considered, was not all that bad. I only took a 3 or 4 pain pills and found out that the side affects were worse than the pain. After that, Advil took care of most of it. After just a few days, I was able to do almost everything, including stairs.
Yesterday, I had the stitches removed, and the doctor reviewed what he had done. As best as I understand it, they had to repair tears in two ligaments, remove a bunch of junk and smooth out the bone in a couple of places. Sounds like he found a bit more damage than expected. All seems well now.
He cleared me to fly (they want you to wait for two weeks – possible blood clot issues). That is good since I leave for California tomorrow.
Changing subjects, we continue to be overwhelmed by the response to Kelly’s situation. Thank you all for your kind responses!!!!
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