Breast Cancer, The Journey Continued

Breast Cancer, The Journey Continued
Thursday Afternoon March, 17 2011 (second post in this series).
Yesterday Kelly and Damon went to the surgeon recommended by her doctor. They were very impressed with her approach to the situation. Based on the tests done to date, she (the surgeon) believes that the tumor was caught in the early stages. There is some concern that there might be more spots and Kelly is having some additional tests today. Based on those tests, there will be a decision as to whether another biopsy is required.
The surgeon indicated that some level of surgery will be required. The best option would be a lumpectomy. Unless they detect a spread of the cancer, she does not believe that chemotherapy will be required.
So, the first opinion suggests that the early detection offers Kelly some options.
One of the contributions to the overall trauma of the situation is the fact that Damon’s mom died of breast cancer. She died about 5 weeks before her first granddaughter (Madison) was born. She was a jewel of a person and we all miss her very much.
I have posted a photo of Kelly and her family. From left to right: Madison (7), Kelly, Damon, and Molly (5).
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