Hello from Clinton, MO

Hello from Clinton, MO
Sunday Evening October 3,, 2010 (Second travelogue of this trip).
We left Prescott today about 10:30 and arrived here about 2:30. We could have driven all the way to Springfield, MO (our next stop) today, but we decided to make this a leisurely day. However, driving thought Kansas City with narrow construction zones does not exactly meet the “leisurely” definition.
We are at a Wal Mart (map). Other than the Kansas City part of the trip, the journey went well. This is a pretty time of the year in this part of the country. The colors have not started to change yet. The prediction is that they will not be as colorful this year, because of the large amount of rain. That seems strange, since they are saying the same thing about the aspen in Colorado – except that it is the result of too little moisture.
Shortly after I wrote the last blog, the rain stopped and it warmed up quite a bit. The farmers were able to get into the fields late in the week. Bill started combining corn on Friday and we hit it hard yesterday. So, I got to help with the harvest, albeit for only two days. The yields were very spotty. In the field that we worked on yesterday the yield was about 170 bushels per acre. Not the best, but better that they expected given all of the moisture damage.
While the weather was warm during most of the week, it really cooled down yesterday. This morning our thermometer registered 31 degrees, and wunderground.com (our favorite weather site) reported 32 degrees.
Pat and Jeanne spent a lot of time researching genealogy. They visited a cemetery not far from Prescott and then Pat and I went to one that was close to Brooks, IA. It was a very small beautiful cemetery.
We also got to see most of the relatives. Oftentimes our visits are so hectic that we don’t get to see everyone. We also had a ton of fun and ate too much -as usual.
Tomorrow we will stop in Springfield, MO to visit some good friends. On the way we will take a slight detour to visit a cemetery where some of Pat’s Kretzinger relatives are buried (Judy, one of the grave is Mary Isabella Kretzinger).
That is all for now.
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