Hello from Prescott, IA

Hello from Prescott, IA
Sunday Evening September 26, 2010 (First travelogue of this trip).
We set up this blog to detail our travels and a few miscellaneous items. We have reduced our travel schedule quite a bit to minimize our expenses. A significant part of our travel was trade show related, and we often did not cover our costs on those trips. We finally decided to “stop the bleeding”. Because of the reduced travel, our posting frequency has been rather sporadic. Most of faithful readers know that they can sign up for email notification when we post. That will save frustration of checking in on the blog periodically.
We left Evergreen about noon on Monday. We stopped in North Platte, NE for the night at our favorite Wal Mart parking lot. We got a late start on Tuesday and arrive in Prescott about 6:00 PM. We have been going non-stop since then.
We are making this trip to visit family in Iowa and then travel to Branson, MO for an Eagle Bus Rally. From there we will go to Carthage, MO for a second bus rally and then home via a two lane US highway through rural Kansas and Colorado.
We are staying with Pat’s relatives in Prescott, IA (map). We always enjoy staying with these folks and visiting all of the relatives. It is so convenient to be able to stay in the bus and still do a ton of visiting.
Prescott is a very small town (population 237). Pat was born about 10 miles west of here in Corning, IA (population 1554). Pat lived in the Corning area for 15 years, so she is used to small towns. For me, it is quite a change of pace, and I love it.
To give you a feeling of the small town way of life, Friday we marched in a parade down the main street of Corning (three blocks long). The parade was to celebrate the high school homecoming. One of the relatives is running for county supervisor and we marched behind a truck with his banners on it. It looked like the whole town turned out for the parade. What a blast.
We left a bone dry Colorado and landed in an area where they have had a tremendous amount of rain. In addition, it has been quite cool at night (43 degrees this morning). With all the humidity, we are freezing at times.
I had hoped to help with the harvest, but because it has been so rainy, the crop is behind schedule. However, we have been very busy doing all kinds of things including looking at auger cart and semi-trucks for the farm. Today we went to an auction run by some of Pat’s relatives. This was not a great auction in terms of items, but it is always fun to people watch and listen to the auctioneer’s chant.
Thats all for now.
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