Camping in the shop!

Camping in the shop! Saturday morning April 18, 2009 Well, sometimes we get to use our bus for reasons other than travel. Over the last two days, we have had over 27 inches of snow (see photo) and it is still snowing! The power went off a bit after noon yesterday and is still off as I write this (about 8:00 AM). We moved into the bus just before dark yesterday and had a very comfortable evening/night. It is sure nice to be fully self contained!!! We can go quite a while on the house battery bank and the inverter (makes 120V) and then we can fire up the generator. I have rigged an exhaust pipe outside the shop and we have the shop door open. All the comforts of home, except we don’t have TV since the dish is not up and the dish on the house is covered with snow. In a little while, I will connect the bus generator to the house power distribution box (making sure I disconnect from the public power) grid and let the furnace run and the refrigerator/freezers cool down. I just went into the house and the temperature was around 60 degrees thanks to a self-standing natural gas fired stove in the basement. We were supposed to leave for Iowa tomorrow. That, of course, will be delayed. I will have to plow today (plowed yesterday) and get some things done that got delayed by the weather . Our trip this time will be to Iowa to visit with our relatives (we love that!) and then on to Goshen, IN for a couple of rallies where we will be vendors. UPDATE: as I was finishing up this short blog, our daughter Lisa called and said that parts of Jefferson and Clear Creek counties (our area) has over 41 inches of snow and it is not supposed to stop snowing until noon. In addition, over 10,000 homes in the Evergreen area are without power. The strange thing is that Denver has mostly gotten rain and the roads are clear. That is all for now.

April Showers (Snow!!!!)
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