Hello from Kremmling, CO

Hello from Kremmling, CO Hotel Eastin

Friday Evening – February 1, 2019   (First post of this travelogue)

Pat and I are making a quick trip to Kremmling to attend a funeral of a very neat lady that was in Pat’s downline.  We are staying at a very unique hotel – Hotel Eastin (Google map link).  More about the hotel later.

We chose to take the I 70 route to Silverthorn and then up CO 9 to Kremmiling.  The weather was nice and the road conditions were great.  We will probably be going back US 40 tomorrow.

The funeral was for Erle Lynne Jones.  It was held in the high school.  Well over 100 folks were in attendance.  Erle Lynne was the kind of woman that you just naturally loved.  She has been in Pat’s downline for 13 years.  She has been fighting cancer for around 25 years.  She passed away a few days ago at the age of 70.  The service was beautiful.

The Hotel Eastin is a neat historic building.  It was built in 1906 as a sarsaparilla factory.  The first floor was the factory and the second story was a rooming house.  Over the years it housed a barber shop, drug store and dress shop.  The current owners bought the building 13 years ago and began restoring each room.  Some of the rooms are “boarding” rooms with a common bath “down the hall”.  Other rooms are “theme” rooms with a bath.  Our room is called the Zane Grey room.  It is said that he stayed here and got the inspiration for his book:  The Mysterious Rider.  As you will see from the photos the room is very small, but well decorated.


Hotel Eastin

Hotel Eastin



Room at Hotel Eastin

Room at Hotel Eastin


Room at Hotel Eastin

Room at Hotel Eastin


That is all for this trip.



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Hello from Lincoln, NE

Hello from Lincoln, NE

Friday morning – January 18, 2019   (First post of this travelogue)

I am in Lincoln teaching a four day class that includes bearings, lubrication, and shaft alignment.  The class is being held at Southeast Community College (Google map link)

The actual customer is the 309 Task Force.  309 Task Force is a very interesting organization (link).  It was created via state legislation over 30 years ago.  Here is a description of the results of that legislation:

The Mission of the 309 Task Force is to address the state’s sizable need for deferred building repairs and improvements to the extent possible with available funding, utilizing those funds wisely and efficiently.  The Task Force was created to be an independent entity to prioritize on a statewide level, and then fund the highest priority building renewal projects.  The four types of projects allowed are deferred building repair, fire/life safety, energy conservation, and ADA projects.  The Task Force works with state agencies on over 3,000 existing state buildings. 

A significant part of their funding comes from cigarette tax.  One of the major functions of the task force is to fund training for the state employees who are charged with maintaining/updating the building.

There were 12 students in the class and that is about the max that I would want for this class.  These folks have a pretty significant variation in their background which really helps make the class interesting.  The class went well and we even had enough time to evaluate a different dial indicator alignment process that turned out to be a great process.  I will use it in another class or two and then we will probably add it to the lab book

I am staying at the Staybridge hotel which is a mile or two from the college (Google map link).

The weather here is pretty close to unbearable.  It is overcast, very humid, and cold.  They had a big snow the day before I got here and there is still a lot on the ground.  They predict a big snow later today, so I hope that I get out before it dumps.

Lincoln does not have much of a commercial airport.  Only a few airlines and many are actually commuter airlines.  I flew in on a United commuter jet that had only three seats in each row (one on one side and two on the other.  I rather enjoy the smaller planes.  No huge crowd at the gate.  However, the overheads are very limited and it is always best to “gate check” your briefcase.

As I did last week, I chose to fly out the day after the class.  That avoids any rushing and I hate rushing. 

That is all for this trip.

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Hello from Everett, WA

Hello from Everett, WA

Friday morning – January 11, 2019   (First post of this travelogue)

Well, I am once again back in Everett, teaching at Boeing.  This week I taught two classes:  Bearings (a Boeing one day class) and mechanical drives (3 days).  I like teaching at the Everett facility, as it seems to be more laid back than the Auburn plant.  The only issue is that the classes start at 6:00 AM.

Both classes went well.  They were smaller than past classes but sometimes that is better.  We taught in a different room that was not really set up to be a class room, but we made it work just fine and the room was large enough to be able to set up all the trainers.

The weather here is pretty cool (40s and 50s) and very damp.  The rain not continuous, but there were periods of significant showers.

I  could probably have schedule myself out of Seattle yesterday evening, but the commute from Everett to the airport can be a real challenge.  On the mapping programs it is a bit less than an hour, but the traffic often doubles that.   The route is right though the middle of Seattle on I 5 and that can be a parking lot at times.  Besides, after four days of 4:00 AM alarms, I am pretty tired and that does not mix well with the terrible drivers out here.  So, I schedule myself out the next day and allow plenty of time for a comfortable drive.

That is all for this trip.

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Hello from Orlando, FL

Hello from Orlando, FL

Saturday evening – November 10, 2018   (First post of this travelogue)

We are in Orlando for a Stampin’ Up! convention (the thirtieth!).  The convention is in the Orange County Convention center and we are staying at the Holiday Inn Express about three miles away (Google Map Link)

We flew in this past Tuesday.  When we chose our flights, we decided to try to save some cost by taking an early flight.  We later had some second thoughts {grin} – our flight left at 5:45 AM and we had to get up at 1:30 to get to the airport in time!  Other than that the flight went well.  We got to the hotel a bit after noon and we both took naps (can you imagine that?).

Wednesday was Pat’s registration.  Stampin’ Up! had arranged for an afternoon/evening at Epcot for the higher level demonstrators.  They provided several buses to transport us from the Convention Center to Epcot.  We had a great time.  Of course, we had to head to the German area of the World Show Place for lunch.   They have good German entertainment and a great German buffet.  From there we wandered around.  We had decided not to try any rides, since I am still having vertigo symptoms.  However, we thought it was OK to ride the “Space Ship Earth” in the large dome.  We knew it was a “mild” ride.  We did not think about the fact that you really need to move your head around to see all the great displays on the tour.  When we got the end of the ride and had to step onto the rotating platform, I must have looked like I was drunk.   However, the symptoms got better fairly quickly.

Orange County Convention Center  (from tripadvisorcom)

Orange County Convention Center (from tripadvisorcom)


At 8:00PM, Stampin’ Up! hosted a huge dessert party at a private function in the World Show Place Pavilion.  They then provided buses back to the convention center.  We could have stayed for the fireworks, but we were tired and went back just as they started the program.

Epcot on a beautiful day

Epcot on a beautiful day

The convention (OnStage Live) is three days not including the Epcot event.  Reportedly there are 7,000 demonstrators here from several countries.  After the Thursday session we had dinner with 8 of her downline.  It was great fun.

Pat and Elizabeth at OnStage  (no fun there!!)

Pat and Elizabeth at OnStage (no fun there!!)

While Pat is in the sessions, I have been working on some projects on the computer and taking short walks.   It has been relaxing.

The weather down here has been great.  The temperatures in the daytime are in the high 80’s and the 60’s in the evening.  Unfortunately, we are headed back to cold and snow.

If you follow our blog, you will recall that last week I was in Everett, WA and this week in Orlando – almost at the extreme ends of the country. 

As we have said many times, we prefer Holiday Inn properties.  I use them whenever possible for my NTT travel and we select them for our personal travel.  I just looked at my account and after this stay, I will have stayed over 60 nights in Holiday Inn properties this year.  Fortunately, Pat has been able to share many of those nights with me.

I mentioned my vertigo in the last two blogs.  It has been a challenge, but I think the symptoms are getting better.  I have learned that when I am laying in bed and quickly turn my head to the right, the room starts spinning.  At first it was terrible.   Then I figured out that it was kind of fun and would do it on purpose {strange grin}.

That is all for this trip.

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Hello from Everett, WA

Hello from Everett, WA

Wednesday evening – October 31, 2018   (First post of this travelogue)

Well, I am once again back in Everett, teaching at Boeing.  This week I teach two classes:  shaft alignment (2 days) and mechanical drives (3 days).  I like teaching at the Everett facility, as it seems to be more laid back than the Auburn plant.  The only issue is that the classes start at 6:00 AM.

I am done with the shaft alignment class and that went well.  I think the mechanical drive class will go well also, since it has the same students.

The frustrating situation this week is that I am dealing with a fairly significant case of vertigo.  A bit over a week ago, I was just barely able to function, but the symptoms have gotten better – except in the classroom.  I really did not appreciate how much I turn my head from the screen to the students and that often sets off a reaction.  There are times that I feel (and probably look) like I am knee walking drunk.  Today I changed my approach on where I stand, minimized moving around the room and changed how I address both the screen and the students and that helped a bit.

I flew in on Sunday and will fly home on Saturday.  I could probably have planned a Friday return, but the traffic from Everett to the airport is horrendous at times and I just did not to fight the rather aggressive drivers and traffic jams after teaching all day.

The weather here is pretty cool (50s) and very damp.  The rain not continuous, but there are periods of significant showers.

That is all for this trip.

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Hello from Price, UT

Hello from Price, UT

Sunday evening – October 7, 2018   (Sixth post of this travelogue)

Well, the trip is winding down.   We are in Price, UT staying at the Ramada Inn (Google Map link).

As you recall, our goal is to stay at Holiday Inn (IHG) properties whenever possible.  Unfortunately the Holiday Inn in Price is booked full and the Holiday Inn in Green River is no longer a part of the IHG group.  So we settled for the Ramada.  Strangely, we have stayed here a couple of times in years past – but it was a Holiday Inn at the time. I really don’t like Ramada Inns as a rule, but this one is fine and it looks like they may have a good breakfast.

Reno-Sparks is a bit over 1,000 miles from our house.  We decided to break the trip home into three legs.  Last night we stayed at a HI in Elko, NV.  It was a very nice property and we received a nice upgrade. 

Tomorrow we will travel home (about 400 miles).  That is a bit longer than we like to travel in a day.  When we were young we could drive straight through to Pat’s home town in Iowa (about 600 miles) but our tired old bodies no longer like to be submitted to that kind of “punishment”.  Besides that, my sciatica issues impact how long I can travel at a time.

The class in Reno got off to a bit of a rocky start.  There were 7 students – all employees of Barrick Gold Corporation  (a huge mining organization with many mines in the Americas including two huge mines in the Elko area).  The students had a lot of experience and seemed to have a bit of an “attitude”.  On the second day things smoothed out a bit when they figured out that I was not going to read out of a textbook.  I try to make the sometimes “boring” subjects interesting and they seemed to warm up to that approach.  By the fourth day we were having a ton of fun – well, as much as you can have in a somewhat structured class.  The last two days of class are shaft alignment labs with our training equipment.  Without question, they were very skilled and were much quicker to get the exercises done than most classes and they did a great job.  Most of the exercises involve the use of two different dial indicator processes and that can be a real challenge to most students.  Once they get the alignment completed with the dial indicators, we put our laser kit on so that they can get experience with laser alignment equipment, and also, to check the results of their dial indicator alignment.  In almost every case, the laser will show the students that they need to work on getting the dial indicator process perfected.  These folks almost always hit very close to the target.  The class turned out to be a good experience.

When we left Denver, there had been something like 8-10 straight days of 90 degree weather.  For most of this trip the weather has been anywhere from good to fantastic (a few rain showers mixed in).   The last couple of days have been quite chilly with a bit of rain, but still decent weather.  Now it looks like we will get home in a snowstorm.  I am going to continue to wear my shorts, but that may be a stretch when we get home {grin}.

That is all for this trip.

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Hello from Reno-Sparks, NV

Hello from Reno-Sparks, NV

Monday evening – October 1, 2018   (Fifth  post of this travelogue)

We arrived at the Holiday Inn in Sparks yesterday – a day early.  This is an older Holiday Inn property, but still a nice location.  They put us on the 9th (top) floor because it is supposed to be quieter.  I think many Holiday Inns reserve the top floor for their loyal customers.  Location is shown here:  (Google Maps Link)

Normally our training rooms are on the first floor, but they are remodeling that part of the hotel, so we are in a large meeting room on the 9th floor just down the hall from our room.

Our trip from Klamath to Willits, CA was beautiful.  We went to the Redwoods National Park Visitor Center and watched a great movie on the amazing redwood trees.  I have included a couple of photos from the park, but they simply do not do justice to the scenery.

Road through Redwoods (Medium)

Pat beside redwood (Medium)

Redwood trees are incredible.  They can grow to be over 20 feet in diameter and 350 feet tall.  The trees can reach ages of 2,000 years and regularly reach 600 years.  The following link is an excellent source of information about these trees:  https://www.nps.gov/redw/learn/nature/about-the-trees.htm.  The following are quotes from that site:

Fossil records have shown that relatives of today's coast redwoods thrived in the Jurassic Era 160 million years ago. And while the fantastic creatures of that age have long since disappeared, the redwoods continue to thrive, in the right environment.

California's North Coast provides the only such environment in the world. A combination of longitude, climate, and elevation limits the redwoods' range to a few hundred coastal miles. The cool, moist air created by the Pacific Ocean keeps the trees continually damp, even during summer droughts. These conditions have existed for some time, as the redwoods go back 20 million years in their present range.

Resistance to natural enemies such as insects and fire are built-in features of a coast redwood. Diseases are virtually unknown and insect damage insignificant thanks to the high tannin content of the wood. Thick bark and foliage that rests high above the ground provides protection from all but the hottest fires.

We stayed in Willits, CA Saturday night.  That was a 200 mile drive, but it was a tough drive (albeit beautiful).  There was no Holiday Inn, so we stayed at a fun little motel:  The Old West Inn.  The rooms formed what looked like an old west town (see photo).

Fun motel in Willits CA (Medium)

Unfortunately, about 10 miles north of Willits, the traffic was stopped due to a road closure.  It turns out that there was a fatal accident a bit ahead of us.  I have attached a photo that was taken by one of the first folks at the scene.  When we did get to drive past the wreckage it looked just like the photo, except the lumber was cleared off to allow one lane of traffic to pass and the truck fire was extinguished.  The truck was northbound and lost control.  The semi (southbound) tried to avoid them, but ended up hitting them directly in the driver door.  Sadly two women in the pickup perished.

Fatal Crash north of Willits CA

That is all for this post.

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Hello from Klamath, CA

Note:  Somehow this did not get published on the 29.  

Hello from Klamath, CA

Saturday Morning – September 29, 2018   (Fourth  post of this travelogue)

Yesterday we drove a bit over 300 miles, but it was a long day of driving.  We left Tillamook before 9:00 and got here at 6:00.  We made a stop for lunch and I took a quick nap.  US 101 is a very scenic highway that has a great deal of Pacific Ocean viewing.  Significant parts of the route have speed limits less than 40 MPH and the maximum limit is 55 MPH.  In terms of time it would have been quicker to travel east to I-5 and drive south, but the scenery would not have been anywhere near as spectacular as what we experienced.

Pacfic Coast in Oregon 2 (Medium)

Pacfic Coast in Oregon 1 (Medium)

We are staying at a Holiday Inn Express on points no less!  (Google Map Link).  It was the only Holiday Inn on our route yesterday.

This hotel has a beautiful entrance with vast amounts of beautiful redwood.  The entrance leads to the hotel on one side and a casino on the other.  We ate at the casino last night.  The front desk rated it great, but we thought it was just barely OK.  After dinner Pat went to the casino (surprise!!!).  She came back  to the room an hour or two later after having won over $300!!

Holiday Inn Klamath CA 1 (Medium)

Holiday Inn Klamath CA 2 (Medium)

Our motel in Tillamook was pretty old and very “plain”.  We did not sleep well, and we discovered the next morning that the bed had a plastic liner.  I guess the best that could be said was that it was a place to “hang our hat”.

We are just north of the Redwood National Park.  US 101 goes through part of the park and the Google Map lists it as the “Redwood Highway”.  Should be a beautiful drive today.

That is all for this post.

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Hello from Tillamook, OR

Hello from Tillamook, OR

Thursday  evening – September 27, 2018   (Third  post of this travelogue)

Well, I survived the early mornings at Boeing.  Both classes went well.  Today we left Everett and drove a bit less than 300 miles to Tillamook.  We left the hotel about 9:00 and figured we would not face huge traffic jams – yeah right.  Everett is north of Seattle so we had to go right though the center of town and that is always a challenge.  We often say that Seattle traffic is among the worst. 

We chose a local motel here in Tillamook:  Western Royal Inn (there is no Holiday Inn in Tillamook).  Google Maps Link

We chose to stop here for two reasons.  First, it seemed like a reasonable distance to drive today.  But most importantly we wanted to tour the Tillamook Creamery.  When Thomas and Klara were staying with us, they got us hooked on Tillamook ice cream bars and sandwiches – the best.  The tour was fun and, of course, we had to have some ice cream after the tour.

Tillamook Creamery (Medium)

Now to catch up a bit.  On our drive from Spokane to Everett on I90 we crossed the Columbia River Gorge.  The views from the overlook on the east side is amazing (see photos).  The Gorge is close to Ellensburg, WA.

Columbia River Gorge 2 (Medium)

Columbia River Gorge 1 (Medium)

One of our very special friends Ed Hackenbruch (and Stevi) saw in our blog that we were driving to Everett and suggested we drive down to Duvall, WA where Ed was born.  Further he suggested we have dinner at the Ixtapa Mexican restaurant and have “Chicken No Name”.  Tuesday after work we drove down there.  The drive was about 25 miles and very scenic with huge trees along the highway.  We did, indeed go to the recommended restaurant.  The Chicken No Name is listed as an appetizer, but the waiter convinced me it was a meal and indeed it was a great meal.  We split a churros dessert and it was to die for.  Thanks Ed.

Ixtapa Resturant in Duvall (Medium)

For the next few days we will travel along the pacific coast on US 101.  We have traveled on parts of the highway before, and it is beautiful.

That is all for this post.

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Hello from Everett, WA

Hello from Everett, WA

Sunday evening – September 23, 2018   (Second  post of this travelogue)

We made it to Everett a day early (Saturday).  The drive consisted of two 400 mile days and two 300 mile days.  The trip was a bit quicker than we thought since the speed limit in both Wyoming and Montana is 80 MPH.  The weather was good until just before we got to Seattle and then it poured rain (really, rain in Seattle?). 

After we left Butte, we drove to Spokane and stayed at the old standby:  HI Express.  As I noted, we get a few benefits from my Priority Club status, but mostly we know that we can expect a decent room, and a good breakfast.  This trip there was an exception to that.  Our stay in Buffalo was not good.  The room was poorly prepared, the front desk person was not at all polite and the WIFI sucked.  Fortunately that is the exception.

We are staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Everett (Google Maps link).  I have stayed here before and it is a “middle of the road” HI Express.  Since we arrived a day early, they had to do some maneuvering so that we could stay in the same room for the rest of our stay.  That resulted in our being assigned a handicap room.  We have stayed in handicap rooms several times and it is always an adventure.  Everything is set up lower for wheelchair access.  The closet bar is about 3 ½ feet off the floor.  Doesn’t matter, it is a good place to hang out.

Over the next three days I teach two classes.  One is on lubrication fundamentals (two days) and one day on bearing fundamentals.  Both of these classes were developed by a consultant to Boeing and NTT has now taken over the classes.  They are quite different from the NTT lubrication and bearings chapters.  The lubrication is much more detailed and, frankly, the bearing class is a mess.  We have had to add some of the NTT material to make the class useful for the students.

I have had to put in several hours on this trip sorting out the details that the previous consultant presented in both classes.  I think it will go well, but it will be hard to make them “smooth” presentations/discussions.

To top things off, the class starts at 6:00 AM and I have not been a morning person since I retired {grin}.

I have been eating most of my meals in the room for the past year or so of classes.  I stop by a local Trader Joe’s and pick up things that I can microwave.  The food is good and easy to fix.  We made a trip there today and had Chicken Piccata tonight.  It was very tasty.  My expense reports reflect the cost savings and that makes NTT and Boeing happy.

That is all for this post.

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