Hello from Price, UT

Hello from Price, UT

Thursday evening – August 15, 2019   (Second post of this travelogue)

This morning’s post was made from the salt with a signal that was not all that great.  In addition to having issues with some of the photos, I knew that it might be difficult to upload the photo files.  Thus this second post.

I am staying at the Holiday Inn in Price.  I also stayed here on the way out last Sunday.

One of the fun aspects of Bonneville events is the amazing array of non-racing vehicles.  The photo below shows a neat car/trailer combination.  They camped next to me one night and then we parked together on the salt to watch the runs.  It is a really neat family with two daughters who traveled all the way from Michigan – via Yellowstone and other neat stops.  It really brought back memories of taking the girls to Illinois in the 56 Chevy in 1987.

50 Chevy and 48 Spartan trailer (Medium)

1950 Chevy Woody with a 1948 Spartan trailer
(note the Charger on the left)


In the last post I mentioned that I was “camping” on this trip.  The two photos illustrate my “camp”

Dinner at the bend (Medium)

Dinner at the bend – my camp spot
Note the propane stove and freeze dried package


Breakfast on the salt (Medium)

Breakfast on the salt just before sunrise
(note the full moon setting in the upper left)


Here are a couple of additional photos

Enola Gay Hanger restoration 1 (Medium)

Historic Marker for the Enola Gay Hanger at Wendover


Race fan lunch stop (Medium)

No trip to a western racing event is complete without a “double double”
IN-N-OUT Burger has an almost cult following in the west.


So was the trip fun?  Let me count the ways:

1)  I got to drive a butt kicking Hemi Charger!

2)  The Charger has a USB connected to the stereo system so I got to listen to my music from my phone (over 1000 songs)

3)  I “survived” my camping experience rather well.

4)  The freeze dried meals were pretty good and I got to have a bit of scotch and a Cuban cigar each night (actually one half of one each night).  If you follow our blog you will recall that I bought some Cuban cigars in Croatia (yes it is legal).  I am not at all a cigar connoisseur but they seemed pretty much like my much less expensive on-line cigars.

5)  I got to see a lot of great cars and some good runs.  Even if the salt limited the big speeds, the sights and sounds of the fast cars is beyond description.

So the answer to the question is: HELL YES!

Next year I hope the bus and truck will be ready and then I can take Pat with me.

That is all for this trip

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