Hello from Ljubljana, Slovenia

Hello from Ljubljana, Slovenia Friday afternoon – July 19, 2019   (Fifth post of this travelogue)

We are in a great Airbnb in Ljubljana, Slovenia (Google Map link)

More Observations:

We still get robo calls over here, but the problem is that they come in the middle of the night {Grrrrr}.

Trying to use Google maps to navigate between locations in a town is a real challenge.  If you zoom in on any of the Google Map links from Italy, you will see than none of the streets run in any “planned” scheme. For reference, a good map would be:  (Google Map Link of apartment in Venice) [BTW, you can zoom in and out on those maps].  Most streets are only a block or two long (some main streets are a bit better about lending themselves to navigation.  In the photo below from Venice, you will see me standing in one of the hundreds of walkways that are in addition to what we would call streets (in Venice there are no streets, as there are no cars).  Google “sees” the walkways, but there could be 3 or 4 in a USA block length and it is really hard to tell which one Google wants us to take and they dart in various direction.  Worse yet, many of the walkways look like they are dead end, but simply take a jog.

One of hundreds of tiny walkways in Venice (Medium)


Now for some Venice highlights.

We traveled from Florence to Venice via train on Tuesday (7/16).  The apartment was on the second floor so  not so many steps to climb.  It was a quaint apartment.

Our Apartment in Venice (Medium)

Our apartment in Venice

Getting to our apartment was quite an experience.  There are no cars in the area of Venice we were in.  Instead, we departed the train station and boarded a water taxi.  The train station is right on the Grand Canal and the water taxi was perhaps 50 yards from the train station.  The taxi we took to the apartment was much like a bus with lots of stops and tons of people on the boat.  

View from our water taxi on the grand canal (Medium)

A view from our water taxi on the Grand Canal
on the way from the train station to our apartment

Our water taxi leaving Ospedale stop (Medium)

Our water taxi leaving our stop (Ospedale)

Our apartment was very close to a great eating/scenic area – perhaps three  blocks away.  We ate dinner on this plaza.

Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo in Venice (Medium)

Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo just a few blocks from our apartment. 
We ate dinner on the plaza with this view.

Wednesday we walked a bit over a half mile (well  sorta, we got lost a couple of times and probably increased that distance by 20-30% {grin}) to the two incredible locations shown below.


Doges Palace in Venice (Medium)

Doges Palace in Venice.  Notice bridge over the canal.


Basilica di San Marco (Medium)

Basilica di San Marco

After our walking tour, we went back to the same plaza restaurant we ate at the night before.  Both nights I had some white wine rather than my typical great beer.   The wine was great as well.

Thursday was our travel day to Ljubljana.  I will detail the train travel in the next post, but our trip to the train station was quite unique.  We had our challenges on the public water taxi, mainly getting our luggage on and off the crowded boat.  We decided to take a private taxi back to the train station.  Our first challenge was that they were all full that morning.  We worked with a great shop owner to call a taxi (neither of us could speak the other’s language), but we got the job done.  I  talked to what I thought was the taxi company and they said the fare would be 18 Euro – just slightly  what we paid for the public  taxi.  Well, something broke down in the communication and the fee was 70 Euro!  However it was a great ride and dealing with the luggage was not a problem.


Trash collection in Venice (Medium)

While we were waiting for the water taxi, the trash boat arrived.
It collected trash from all the businesses in the area and
private folks brought their  trash as well.


Inside our water taxi on way back to train station (Medium)

A picture of Pat in our rather fancy private taxi back to train station

Tain station in Venice (Medium)

Approaching the train station in our expensive water taxi

That is all for this post.


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