Hello from Lincoln, NE

Hello from Lincoln, NE

Friday morning – January 18, 2019   (First post of this travelogue)

I am in Lincoln teaching a four day class that includes bearings, lubrication, and shaft alignment.  The class is being held at Southeast Community College (Google map link)

The actual customer is the 309 Task Force.  309 Task Force is a very interesting organization (link).  It was created via state legislation over 30 years ago.  Here is a description of the results of that legislation:

The Mission of the 309 Task Force is to address the state’s sizable need for deferred building repairs and improvements to the extent possible with available funding, utilizing those funds wisely and efficiently.  The Task Force was created to be an independent entity to prioritize on a statewide level, and then fund the highest priority building renewal projects.  The four types of projects allowed are deferred building repair, fire/life safety, energy conservation, and ADA projects.  The Task Force works with state agencies on over 3,000 existing state buildings. 

A significant part of their funding comes from cigarette tax.  One of the major functions of the task force is to fund training for the state employees who are charged with maintaining/updating the building.

There were 12 students in the class and that is about the max that I would want for this class.  These folks have a pretty significant variation in their background which really helps make the class interesting.  The class went well and we even had enough time to evaluate a different dial indicator alignment process that turned out to be a great process.  I will use it in another class or two and then we will probably add it to the lab book

I am staying at the Staybridge hotel which is a mile or two from the college (Google map link).

The weather here is pretty close to unbearable.  It is overcast, very humid, and cold.  They had a big snow the day before I got here and there is still a lot on the ground.  They predict a big snow later today, so I hope that I get out before it dumps.

Lincoln does not have much of a commercial airport.  Only a few airlines and many are actually commuter airlines.  I flew in on a United commuter jet that had only three seats in each row (one on one side and two on the other.  I rather enjoy the smaller planes.  No huge crowd at the gate.  However, the overheads are very limited and it is always best to “gate check” your briefcase.

As I did last week, I chose to fly out the day after the class.  That avoids any rushing and I hate rushing. 

That is all for this trip.

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