Hello from Orlando, FL

Hello from Orlando, FL

Saturday evening – November 10, 2018   (First post of this travelogue)

We are in Orlando for a Stampin’ Up! convention (the thirtieth!).  The convention is in the Orange County Convention center and we are staying at the Holiday Inn Express about three miles away (Google Map Link)

We flew in this past Tuesday.  When we chose our flights, we decided to try to save some cost by taking an early flight.  We later had some second thoughts {grin} – our flight left at 5:45 AM and we had to get up at 1:30 to get to the airport in time!  Other than that the flight went well.  We got to the hotel a bit after noon and we both took naps (can you imagine that?).

Wednesday was Pat’s registration.  Stampin’ Up! had arranged for an afternoon/evening at Epcot for the higher level demonstrators.  They provided several buses to transport us from the Convention Center to Epcot.  We had a great time.  Of course, we had to head to the German area of the World Show Place for lunch.   They have good German entertainment and a great German buffet.  From there we wandered around.  We had decided not to try any rides, since I am still having vertigo symptoms.  However, we thought it was OK to ride the “Space Ship Earth” in the large dome.  We knew it was a “mild” ride.  We did not think about the fact that you really need to move your head around to see all the great displays on the tour.  When we got the end of the ride and had to step onto the rotating platform, I must have looked like I was drunk.   However, the symptoms got better fairly quickly.

Orange County Convention Center  (from tripadvisorcom)

Orange County Convention Center (from tripadvisorcom)


At 8:00PM, Stampin’ Up! hosted a huge dessert party at a private function in the World Show Place Pavilion.  They then provided buses back to the convention center.  We could have stayed for the fireworks, but we were tired and went back just as they started the program.

Epcot on a beautiful day

Epcot on a beautiful day

The convention (OnStage Live) is three days not including the Epcot event.  Reportedly there are 7,000 demonstrators here from several countries.  After the Thursday session we had dinner with 8 of her downline.  It was great fun.

Pat and Elizabeth at OnStage  (no fun there!!)

Pat and Elizabeth at OnStage (no fun there!!)

While Pat is in the sessions, I have been working on some projects on the computer and taking short walks.   It has been relaxing.

The weather down here has been great.  The temperatures in the daytime are in the high 80’s and the 60’s in the evening.  Unfortunately, we are headed back to cold and snow.

If you follow our blog, you will recall that last week I was in Everett, WA and this week in Orlando – almost at the extreme ends of the country. 

As we have said many times, we prefer Holiday Inn properties.  I use them whenever possible for my NTT travel and we select them for our personal travel.  I just looked at my account and after this stay, I will have stayed over 60 nights in Holiday Inn properties this year.  Fortunately, Pat has been able to share many of those nights with me.

I mentioned my vertigo in the last two blogs.  It has been a challenge, but I think the symptoms are getting better.  I have learned that when I am laying in bed and quickly turn my head to the right, the room starts spinning.  At first it was terrible.   Then I figured out that it was kind of fun and would do it on purpose {strange grin}.

That is all for this trip.

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