Hello from Reno-Sparks, NV

Hello from Reno-Sparks, NV

Monday evening – October 1, 2018   (Fifth  post of this travelogue)

We arrived at the Holiday Inn in Sparks yesterday – a day early.  This is an older Holiday Inn property, but still a nice location.  They put us on the 9th (top) floor because it is supposed to be quieter.  I think many Holiday Inns reserve the top floor for their loyal customers.  Location is shown here:  (Google Maps Link)

Normally our training rooms are on the first floor, but they are remodeling that part of the hotel, so we are in a large meeting room on the 9th floor just down the hall from our room.

Our trip from Klamath to Willits, CA was beautiful.  We went to the Redwoods National Park Visitor Center and watched a great movie on the amazing redwood trees.  I have included a couple of photos from the park, but they simply do not do justice to the scenery.

Road through Redwoods (Medium)

Pat beside redwood (Medium)

Redwood trees are incredible.  They can grow to be over 20 feet in diameter and 350 feet tall.  The trees can reach ages of 2,000 years and regularly reach 600 years.  The following link is an excellent source of information about these trees:  https://www.nps.gov/redw/learn/nature/about-the-trees.htm.  The following are quotes from that site:

Fossil records have shown that relatives of today's coast redwoods thrived in the Jurassic Era 160 million years ago. And while the fantastic creatures of that age have long since disappeared, the redwoods continue to thrive, in the right environment.

California's North Coast provides the only such environment in the world. A combination of longitude, climate, and elevation limits the redwoods' range to a few hundred coastal miles. The cool, moist air created by the Pacific Ocean keeps the trees continually damp, even during summer droughts. These conditions have existed for some time, as the redwoods go back 20 million years in their present range.

Resistance to natural enemies such as insects and fire are built-in features of a coast redwood. Diseases are virtually unknown and insect damage insignificant thanks to the high tannin content of the wood. Thick bark and foliage that rests high above the ground provides protection from all but the hottest fires.

We stayed in Willits, CA Saturday night.  That was a 200 mile drive, but it was a tough drive (albeit beautiful).  There was no Holiday Inn, so we stayed at a fun little motel:  The Old West Inn.  The rooms formed what looked like an old west town (see photo).

Fun motel in Willits CA (Medium)

Unfortunately, about 10 miles north of Willits, the traffic was stopped due to a road closure.  It turns out that there was a fatal accident a bit ahead of us.  I have attached a photo that was taken by one of the first folks at the scene.  When we did get to drive past the wreckage it looked just like the photo, except the lumber was cleared off to allow one lane of traffic to pass and the truck fire was extinguished.  The truck was northbound and lost control.  The semi (southbound) tried to avoid them, but ended up hitting them directly in the driver door.  Sadly two women in the pickup perished.

Fatal Crash north of Willits CA

That is all for this post.

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